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Dear Men and Men type Folks.

Dear assorted Men and Men type folks, Listen. See this face: This is the face of a person who had to deal with some next level male entitlement before even having any coffee. Let me set the scene. Yours truly … Continue reading

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The Life and Times of a Twitchy Flailer.

If you’ve not seen me in meatspace you have yet to witness the awesome elegance and poetry in movement that is me stumbling around in the Spring. Part of my seasonal allergies that are my ears clog up and I already … Continue reading

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Itchy Cranky and everything.

I am in the middle of a breakout of Atopic dermatitis, eczema. I managed to escape any breakouts for a few years. When I was a kidlet I had it often and it would get to the terrible part of scaling, scabbing, … Continue reading

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Natural Hair Struggle Bus

I’ve been fully natural probably about six years or so right now. If you don’t know when I say natural I mean my hair isn’t texturized or relaxed with chemicals. I am what I can call without too much shame … Continue reading

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Becoming the Adultiest Adult.

Hello, my name is Shannon. I am 39 years old and I don’t know how to buy the proper underwear. I know where to go to buy underpants, I know that there are many different kinds of underpants, but, every … Continue reading

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But you don’t look poor.

I have been reorganizing my make up and skin care and I want to show y’all some of the stuff I like that I get at the drug store. I  do dabble in high end skin care and stuff, most … Continue reading

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House of Weirdos.

Content Warning this is the first and only one. There may likely be links in this post that you find creepy, disgusting, might give you nightmares. Continue this at your own peril. No, I’m not showing anything, uh, terrible. We’re … Continue reading

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