Welcome to Auntie Shannon’s House

Hello hello hello my beautiful darling friends.

Some of y’all know me from previous blogs and this is not that. I also welcome new folks to this here doohickey.

First thing, why Auntie Shannon?

I sometimes like to pretend that I am what the kids call, Fine Ass Old Auntie Shannon. Not in the weird porny way, but in the might be blood related, might not be older lady type whom everybody younger calls Auntie. Also, I have a friend whom I’ve known since forever who has always called me Auntie and well, it fits.

Thus Auntie Shannon Emerges.

Second thing, I just missed blogging. I haven’t blogged regularly in a few years and just miss it.

Third thing, what is going on here?

WELL, y’all…y’all.

I have many grand ambitions. Make up, fashion, fatness, body politics, music, shoes, and pretty much all the shit I love.

Some other disclosure stuff.

I will sometimes use affiliate links. Please know I have curated these carefully and will only use them for stuff I like/use. And per FCC regs if I get anything for free I’ll let y’all know.

If you check out the menu up top, I will have a page of side hustles, and links to other stuff like beauty companies etc that I like.

Below you’ll find a likely ever expanding Shopstyle list of links to make up and clothing. Again, these are affiliate links that if you click I will make pennies, but it is stuff I actually love.

As we go along I’d also like to incorporate some vlogging. Maybe some hair and make up stuff as well. That might take a bit because all I have is the webcam on my laptop and inadequate lighting. So we’ll see how that goes.

Be forewarned, this won’t be apolitical because that’s not who I am.

Some notes on my language for those who don’t know me.

When I say fat I am not making a moral judgement. I use it as a descriptor and personal identifier. Fat is not a bad word. It is not a bad way to be.

Salient to that, I will not engage in body shaming. That’s not my jam.

When I review clothing I’ll try to do my level best to look into things like sizing and cost. I cannot say that all my choices will be ethically sourced etc etc but I will give as much info as I can. Sometimes I will buy stuff from problematic stores. I’m probably already aware of the issues, but sometimes a person can’t vote with our wallets.

I think that’s all for post #1. I aim to post a few times a week. Either personal type stuff or some other stuff.

I hope you all come along for this new adventure.

Thanks for visiting.


Auntie Shannon

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