Summer Obsessions- Clothes

I LOVE summer clothing. When it comes time to shed layers and get my furry hams out into the sun I’m about that life.

So can we talk about what a broke ass old chubby Goth is to do?

We’ll do straight size stuff then some plus size stuff.

Target is often on my shitlist but, BUT I do love their little dresses. Like this one. I’m pretty sure my titty would fall out because such is my luck, but I love this little dress. Being that it looks like it is supposed to be loose, I’d probably get it in an XL.

And then I saw this one. And I am a complete sucker for an uneven pixie hem. I feel like it might not be stretchy so I’d grab it in an XXL.

AND this gauze maxi is just, yes it calls my name.

As you can see I’m really about that flowy comfortable life. Also pro tip if you are a person who’s body or measurements fluctuates, these type shapes for femme clothes can be very forgiving in that regard.

I’m looking and I kinda hate Target’s plus size offerings. I don’t see (as per USUAL retailers) a lot of the same level of choice in terms of plain cute cheaper dresses. Let me step onto my soap box AGAIN.

So hi, retailers? If you would kindly stop with the limited plus size options and realize how much damn money you’d make if the choices of the lower end, basic type pieces that come in a couple of colors (including stuff like leggings, tanks, the type of dresses linked above) you would make the monies.

Thing is, the idea of offering a stretchy item like a tshirt material dress in sizes XS-say 5/6XL would increase your customer base. The offering of well priced items just works. I’m not talking every line instantly, but come on now. Fat people want choices that are easily accessible and varied just like thin folks do.

I am going to stop with the links here because I’m mad as shit.

I want to talk to folks who aren’t fat right now.

This is the type of shit that often drives fat folks to wailing and gnashing of teeth. Something as simple as say a stretchy cute knit dress. Nothing fancy, nothing super constructed. The kind of thing someone my size can roll into Target and walk about satisfied should be available.

Normally I often find a walk a mile in my shoes things to be shitty, but I really want folks who’ve never thought about it to do a thing next time they are at say target.

Head into the intimates area and find some cute panties that are for someone who is a size 24. Try to find a bra to match over a DD.

Go into the area where there are those plain stretchy tank tops. Look for something over a size XL/XXL.

If you aren’t a person who needs these sizes, try asking about them. Talk to people.

Okay, so here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to do a separate plus size list because I want to also give some other tips for poor fat folks including deathfat folks.

But I encourage some of y’all regardless of your size to do some searching on your own and figure out how hard this shit can be if you like clothes, have an aesthetic and are outside of the market sizing.

That said, for my go to basics I think Walmart has some of the best size selection going and of course the low prices. Also from what I hear Kmart has some good stuff as well.

I will report back and share with y’all some of my fat shopper tips for some slightly more expensive shops.

That’s it for now friends.

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