The easiest way to ID my style is probably to say I’m an aging Goth.

99% of my clothes are black. I’m prone to a mix of what I call casual office Goth, a little Trad Goth, a pinch of whatever other shiny, ruffly nonsense catches my eye.

I love soft clothing, hate pants, hate rigid fabrics (unless it is leather or tightly laced) and I’m pretty poor.

So let’s talk about some of the clothes I’m excited about.

I’m not even a tiny bit ashamed to say I’ve been shopping Hot Topic lately. If you are an old fat Goth like me you’ll remember Torrid pre-pink. Goth shit galore.

HT has expanded their plus size selections by a lot. Like, I hadn’t even bothered to look in a couple of years and wow. I was so happy I wrote the CEO to thank them. If you are a fatty who likes ALT clothes, seriously write in.

I’ve picked up some super cute dresses and can say that the XL/1X in a lot of the stretchy dresses are pretty generously sized and very soft. My current favorite dress is this one.  I got it in a size L but even being a big boob size 12ish I could have probably even gotten a Medium. This is my favorite dress. It is super soft, super stretchy and looks really cute on.

Lately all I want are skater dresses and skirts. Some cute nerdy tees, chunky kinda ugly shoes and cardigans and leggings.

I am generally pretty Femme but I love leggings so I’m trying to incorporate more stuff I can layer so I can reduce the frequency I wear pants with.

I have also done a little bit of the lowest key cosplays in my regular walking around life because that is a thing I like dong.

This is what I wore when Uniballer (my partner) and I went to go see Star Wars. It is my low key vader look:


The faux leather OTK boots I grabbed from DebShops last fall. The faux leather leggings came from Hot Topic and are a size XL. I could probably have gotten a size L and been fine. They sag a bit in the butt. The longer top came from one of those Asian street style shops on Ebay. A size 3XL I think. The sleeves are too short so I paired it with a pixie hem cardigan I got at Goodwill.

Also, I’ve become quite a wig collector and that was my first real human hair unit. I’ll do a review on her some other time.

As you can see, a large part of my aesthetic is also dressing like a cartoon villain.

Eventually my goal in life aesthetcally speaking is as follows:

Evil Nazgul Alien Queen.

I’m working on it.

After I finish purging my wardrobe (I will probably be selling some stuff along the way I’ll let y’all know) I am going to need a lot of the following:

  • Faux leather leggings.
  • Layerable sheer/almost sheer cardigans
  • Plain tanks
  • Nerd fannish tees
  • Vintage/Vintage looking slips
  • Flatform/platform/chunky shoes
  • Other printed leggings

I also really still want to give some Lolita pieces a shot. I also want to try some Victorian inspired things and some more DIY. I have space in my apartment now to set up my sewing stuff and am thinking about getting on some of these Goth tutorials.

The other I get my issues with my body aside, the more fun Goth gets to be. As I give fewer fucks about what folks think about how I look, I have been exploring more things.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with DIYing some shoes and things. The problem with a lot of DIY that often goes unspoken is how much it costs in terms of time and supplies. That is something that really, uh, yeah, it causes me some anxiety so I’m going to try to start out slow.

Maybe some minor alterations on stuff I have.

Next post, we need to discuss my witchy oddity obsessed aesthetics and how I am decorating my place. Bit by bit.


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