Itchy Cranky and everything.

I am in the middle of a breakout of Atopic dermatitis, eczema.

I managed to escape any breakouts for a few years. When I was a kidlet I had it often and it would get to the terrible part of scaling, scabbing, oozing.

The conflagration of aggressive fucking Sprintime, stress and I think my poor immune system battling so many colds and whatnots has led to me being itchy and dry and miserable for weeks.

That said, I’ll tell y’all how I’ve been dealing with it so far.

First thing is eczema aside my body skin has been dry as fuck. I mean, my body skin has been dry my entire life. I often walk out of the house fully brown and glowing, get to where I’m going, look down at my feet and say out loud, “WHY the fuck are you ashy?” Since about November my usual body skin care has only just kept me kinda moisturized.

This cannot stand.

I gave up my fancy smelly body washes. I LOVE having an entire wardrobe of body cleansing things at my disposal. I find having things that smell in a way to fit my mood very soothing. That said, commercial scented things can irritate my skin so I put them away.

I think I mentioned my personal dedication to the way of hydration in my facial skin care post here, but let me say again. HYDRATE!

And let me show you how I keep track without having to really keep track. I picked up this awesome water bottle with a clicker on top that goes to 3 at Safeway on mega clearance:


Photo of a blue water bottle with ounce and milliliter measurements.

See that? I drink about 2.5-3 of those a day. I also drink tea and coffee. Sometimes I buy the safeway brand sparkly fruit water.

Hydration inside check.

Now I have to confess that the ONE thing that would probably be the most helpful is a habit I just can’t give up. Really hot baths. It is AWFUL for your skin, but I can’t quit. To help mitigate my bad bathing habits, I often put a little baking soda in my water, a little powdered milk or oatmeal. Something to soften the blow.

I also have been cleansing with JUST my liquid African Black soap. Nothing fancy. It has helped keep my body skin a bit more comfortable.

Now (these are affiliate links in this Pin Board) here are some favorites that if your skin isn’t on the extremely (as in cracking/angry/like mine) state can work really well:

Next up, watch your lotion. I’ve found that most of the stuff in the drugstore, even stuff for mega super dry skin has the ONE thing my skin will not tolerate. Mineral oil or petrolatum in it. For me those ingredients over time form a barrier on my skin and I’m not really moisturizing just making it shiny. My skin gets drier and drier and itchy and the terrible cycle restarts.

So watch out for that.

On the pin board above, I have some easy to get lotions and butters that don’t’ have any. What works for me are things heavy in butters and oils Y’all, I grease myself and roll around like a chubby little seal.

My other superweapon is varying levels of exfoliation. I use an oily sugar scrub and here is the cheapest way to get that done and bonus you can cook with your leftovers.

  • Olive oil or other liquid oil. Edibles are great, especially if you get food benefits because you can get them that way.
  • Medium grain sugar. Not the fine stuff or the chunky. Regular sugar.

Mix them in a bowl until the texture is one you like. I like it kind of thick and not runny.

Use a pouf or your hands and scrub away boo. DO be careful. Your tub will be a greasy mess. I like to rinse off after that and I encourage you to follow with your heavy moisturizer and lounge around naked until it’s good and soaked in.

You can also use olive oil, coconut, whatever you have to moisturize right out of the bath or shower.

You can also dry dry brushing, using a bath brush on dry skin in circular motions to exfoliate. I’m a HUGE fan of exfoliating wash cloths as well.Protip for very fat folks or super tall folks there are extra long bath brushes that will help y’all be able to reach your own backs.

If your skin is dry and sensitive like mine there are some extra steps you can take to ensure your personal comfort.

Wash your drawers and bras and sheets in the least scented/most hypoallergenic stuff you can find and skip the fabric softener.

What else?

If you are itchy and don’t want to damage your skin, rub your itchy with a sock on your hand inside out. It isn’t as soul satisfying as a good deep scratch, but you won’t damage your skin.

If you are suffering a lot, raid your pantry. You can make a cool paste out of oatmeal you’ve smashed up and smear it where you itch. If you drink cow milk, a compress soaked in cold milk and put on angry red hot itchy skin is wonderful.

Other quick spot remedies. Stay stocked up on things like that benadryl spray, anti itch cream (the best one I’ve ever used I buy at the dollar store) and be prepared.

So that’s it my loves. Make sure you check out the pin board because I went HAM and put EVERYTHING I could think of on it.

Until next time, this is itchy ass Auntie Shannon wanting to live in a vat of coconut oil until my skin is better.

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