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Amusements and Hustles.

First amusements. When I got dressed this morning my main needs were comfy, somewhat warm and comfy. I am wearing leggings, a black cami and a big grey sweater and OTK black boots. Here is half my oufit: As I … Continue reading

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Cranky Old Goth.

I know I’m always cranky, but bear with me, I’m a chubby ass Old Goth and I got beef. Like many wise Old Goths I know better than to be mad when dark styles come back around again. The thing … Continue reading

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Natural Hair Quick Reviews.

In the interest of my own sanity I can’t talk about Orlando right now. Instead I’ll talk about hair. I’ve gone back to my favorite protective style and I’ve got some empty products so let’s talk about that instead. First … Continue reading

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Dear Men and Men Types-The Remix

Apparently some of what I said in this post was taken quite literally and I spent some time afterwards explaining/watching the whole concept being explained to nice guys. Now here’s the thing about men whose first reaction to anything a woman … Continue reading

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The Shape of a Dream Life.

In a lot of the work I do on myself as a human, one of the questions I struggle with the most is picturing or visualizing what my dream life would be. Where in my dreams (not the huge, impossible … Continue reading

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How to Write about Fat People

Lately on the facebooks and around the internet I’ve seen a trend I both love and hate. I’ve seen clickbaity stories where the big reveal is OMG this person is doing a thing AND HOLY FUCKING SHIT THEY ARE FAT. The … Continue reading

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Summer Brown Femme Goodness.

Okay I’m not super into revisiting my previous post. Instead let’s talk about stuff your own Femme SparkleQueen loves for summer. Now I know that matte lips are still super in but as much as I love them, I love … Continue reading

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