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My Body Image is Broken

Content Warning: Body image, negative self talk, weight. Lately I have not been super nice to my body. My weight shifted slightly again and I’m very disappointed in myself and my ass. I don’t want to be losing weight at … Continue reading

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Adventures in Aging- Perimenopause and Meeting Crushing Fatigue

I wrote a little essay about my adventures in Perimenopause. You can check it out on Medium here. So this will be a new feature here. First, what is perimenopause? This is what my browser says: pe·ri·men·o·pause [ˌperēˈmenəˌpôz] NOUN the … Continue reading

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What has been seen…Oh Dani no. CN: rape culture, anti fatness, patriarchy

Many of you may have seen around the internets today that Playboy model Dani Mathers  “accidentally” publicly snapchatted a naked women (who was unaware she was being filmed or watched) with the charming caption: If I can’t unsee this you can’t … Continue reading

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Wig Review-Janet Collection Synthetic Hair Wig Helen

Okay my loves. If you don’t know I’m growing my hair and using wigs as a protective style. I’m a HUGE wig lover and have a wee little collection and I wanted to do some reviews. So let us begin. First … Continue reading

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Beauty Con BFF Box Review.

I got my latest Beauty Con BFF box and though my first two were absolutely win, this one fell pretty flat for me. Just like every other beauty surprise box after a couple the inevitable thing happens. Most of the … Continue reading

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