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Struggle Bus Naturals-Twist Wig Review

Hello beautiful people. Today I’ve got a wig review. I’m calling it a struggle bus review because this style is SO great, but I can’t braid y’all. I gave myself not great twists one time and regretted it immediately. Twisted … Continue reading

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Some More Brown Femme Goodness

I’m still kind of depressed about poor folks stuff so how about I do some quickie links/short reviews of beauty stuff? Yes. OH wait before I start, no your eyes are not deceiving you. I did a little redesigning today. … Continue reading

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Real Talk on my Mind.

It is coming to that time of year when I need to restock a bunch of stuff, such as but not limited to: Drawers for the household Socks for the household 1/2 pairs of pants. Not leggings but other pants. … Continue reading

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Gender Feels are Upon Me

If you didn’t know already, I am not a cis¬†person. Read about it here. I’ve been thinking about the gender indicators in my life/aesthetics. I have some more non-fiction in the works about this stuff, and that the best way … Continue reading

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When Poor Kid Feels Do Me Right

These are from my Twitter stream yesterday- // I put these on storify¬†for easy reading. Lately, I’ve had a lot of financial anxiety. I can’t say that it’s reasonable levels of anxiety, but to be honest, this is pretty much … Continue reading

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