Crafty Post- Yarn Lust Edition

Hello friends.

Tis the season of a lot of brand new yarns coming out.

If you haven’t seen one of my craft post a few notes. I am a crocheter. Trying to learn how to knit actually gave me anxiety attacks and I cried so…yeah no. Also, I have a terrible wool allergy, a lesser alpaca allergy and it sucks. The worst part is my undying love of beautiful multi color and painterly yarns that do not come in non-wool.

SO imagine how completely stoked I am for some awesome stuff.

First up from one of my favorite yarn brands Premier.

The other week I saw on facebook they released a new yarn and LOOK at the Sweet Roll Yarn. I mean..y’all. Y’ALL. LOOK at all of them. I just..I want them all. I want to make giant, beautiful shawls with them.

I just…UGH. I literally moaned out loud when I saw this too. Also from Premier. Gradient YARN BOXES. So gorgeous. No guesswork. I NEEDS IT PRECIOUS.

Also from premier, I don’t work with lace yarn pretty much at all because so much of it is wool. BUT LOOK, HARK wool free lace yarn. 

One of the problems I have as a crocheter with a wool allergy is that I have a terrible time finding certain types of yarn. Mainly anything super bulky or roving-ish. That being what it is, I really like playing with using say a strand or worsted with a strand of sport for big hook work.

While we’re talking, crafting, I still have the idea that I’d like to try selling my big shawls either online or maybe at craft fairs/stores. That’s one of those things that I find very intimidating. Investing in myself and my simple craft that way. I might try it out,\.

Also, if you know folks who crochet or knit, pro tip. Stuff takes a long time to make. Don’t ask them to whip stuff up because it takes a while.

I have a little bit of a want to try and get into stuff like this.  Mainly because online hasn’t been great for me in terms of people buying stuff I want to sell. However, I do live in Seattle and I don’t really know how well I’d do navigating spaces that heavily white.

What else?

I’ve been reaching out to some fiber artists about finding myself some yarn like this, that is not wool. I really want to try making arty HUGE crochet projects, blankets, lapghans, rugs but everything I’ve found on my own is wool and that is a no go. This whole wool allergy shit is bullshit. It makes doing fiber arts really fucking hard.

I almost feel like I’m going to have to source materials and learn to make my own yarn which poses problems. DIY is fun and all but it takes so much time and money. I already tend to feel really conflicted about spending on my hobby. Poor Kid Guilt is real and given my track record with selling stuff, I tend to feel really bad about it.

Stuff is very complicated.

I’m thinking about it all.

Before I go, here have a looksy at my fave yarns page. I’ll probably update that with some new ones later this week.

Do you make stuff? Feel free to tell/show me the things.

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