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Stuff I like for Fall

There will be affiliate links, y’all know what it is. So I have a little stack of stuff that I’m super into right now and I want to share. First up let’s talk beauty stuff. I’ve been tinkering with my … Continue reading

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Some visual inspo.

So let’s talk about some of the people I find beautiful. I know I have a few readers who use screen readers and I’ve been trying really hard to do better image descriptions, if any of y’all have suggestions as … Continue reading

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Where my Style evolved from.

I want to talk some about things that have shaped my style, representation and stuff. This is fashion, but shit is deep. From a really early age, my aesthetic love has been the Alt folks. I remember very vividly the … Continue reading

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Fave Goth Stuff. The Broke Goth Edition.

Oh Brokeass Auntie, Patron Saint of Old Comfy Goths everywhere, WHERE do we buy Goth stuff? So brace yourselves. First up, let’s talk basics. For me that means black stuff like tees, leggings, other shirts. First rule of Broke Goth … Continue reading

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It is National Coming Out Day

Well hello. If you don’t know already, I am your friendly neighborhood Old Ass Queer Gender Fluid Femme. When I say Queer, I mean this. For a time in my life I identified as bi because I hadn’t heard anything … Continue reading

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Fall Textures.

Hello sweet thangs. Let’s talk texture and fall clothes. I’m a bit of a texture fanatic. I can be really picky about what fabrics to go next to my skin and I’m just learning what fabrics to layer. First up, … Continue reading

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