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Thoughts on Poverty

I’ve been checking/redoing our household budget. I know there is a rent increase coming in February and I don’t foresee an income increase. Y’all. Going strictly by calculators of how much one is “supposed” to pay to live, I “overspend” (a … Continue reading

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On low key cosplay

A phrase I use a lot when talking clothes is low key or day to day cosplay. What I mean by that, is creating outfits that evoke, fit in with etc a fictional character or universe. I also use this to … Continue reading

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Goth Fantasist: Luxe Femme Goth

Welcome to a new feature. Using my shopstyle affiliate links we’re going to pretend that neither cost nor size is ever an issue buying stuff and I want to give y’all a taste of what yours truly would be rocking … Continue reading

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Hey, did you click over? Come on click over. Some changes are afoot. Thanks to super generous donors for my Gofundme you are looking at a fully upgraded Auntie Shannon’s! What does that mean? Let’s talk about some changes and stuff … Continue reading

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Surviving and some things.

Now for something completely different. Let’s talk about what your fave Fine Ass old Auntie is up to? First, let’s talk about some of my fave cold weather shit cause y’all, it is getting WAY too damn cold already for me because … Continue reading

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File Under Musings: Possible Regrets?

If you’re interested in any of my writings about the election check here. I want to talk about something I had a great interest in and let kind of lapse. Burlesque. I’m watching a great documentary called Exposed about it … Continue reading

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Oh Such Woe.

Today we’re gonna talk about some of the more irritating to painful parts of being a POC who has an interest in anything Alt. We’ll say Alt as code for all things punk, Goth etc. Subculture, body mods. That kinda … Continue reading

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London Fog Thames Boot Review

Hello darlings. Today I want to share just how adult I have been lately. I had a 25$ Amazon gift card sitting around and I’d fully intended on buying (amazon affiliate links ahoy) this. There are few things I love more … Continue reading

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The Aging Goth in Fall- Outfit breakdown

Hello. I performed a week or so ago with a group of QTPOC writers and let’s talk about my fashion. Behold, old Goth in Fall: About my hair, I’ll do a FULL review soon. So the outfit I was originally going … Continue reading

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