Hey, did you click over?

Come on click over.

Some changes are afoot.

Thanks to super generous donors for my Gofundme you are looking at a fully upgraded Auntie Shannon’s!

What does that mean?

Let’s talk about some changes and stuff I have planned.

  1. First up, no more ads I don’t control. I had several instances of TERRIBLE ads and that will be a problem no more.
  2. I’ll be toying with my code here to make my little spot super readable and fast loading.
  3. I’ve got some planned/scheduled posts of various types to look forward to. There will be Fantasy Fashion Fridays (these will include Shopstyle links) and those will be mainly higher end if only type posts. There will be other new stuff I’ve found round ups, make up, wigs, shoes, whatever. More Struggle Bus naturals posts, I’m pretty excited.
  4. I may also branch out into art and music as well.
  5. And of course personal posts.

After some thought, I will not make this an apolitical place because that isn’t really who I am. I won’t be posting strictly politics (of whatever stripe) but they will be present because my personal politics intersect heavily with the things I like to blog about.

I haven’t needed a comment policy yet so let’s keep it that way okay? Just don’t be a jerk.

Now is the time to subscribe or follow, we’re gonna have some adventures!!

That’s it for now.

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