Goth Fantasist: Luxe Femme Goth

Welcome to a new feature. Using my shopstyle affiliate links we’re going to pretend that neither cost nor size is ever an issue buying stuff and I want to give y’all a taste of what yours truly would be rocking in the ultimate world.

These are affiliate links and my goal with these posts is mostly to showcase some stuff I think is gorgeous, have some fun with fashion and maybe get some ideas for looks.


Okay y’all. This edition we’re gonna go fancy femme gothable designer shit. First up let’s look at some dresses. Click the links to check them out (holy shit them prices tho)


[image description: photo of a femme person in a full length loose black velvet dress]

This is a super gorgeous dress.  This comes from one of my favorite designers Rick Owens. Aside from the ability to cheat the size because of that loose fit, you could easily toughen this up with some stompy boots, layer it with some sheer pieces, or shawls. And what Femme Goth wardrobe is complete without a long black velvet dress?


[image description: femme person in a sleeveless just below the knee black velvet dress.]

Another Rick Owens beauty. I’m really drawn to the weird crotch area draping in this dress. I love the length and the idea of pairing it with a tall smooth leather black boot or ankle boots and black leather leggings. Tough it up with a great jacket, shabby it up with a big tatty cardigan.


[image description: photo of a black velvet long sleeved skater dress]

This Topshop brand skater dress is one of those that could be styled so many ways. Let’s talk Super Femme girly girl. Pair that with the chunky heeled velvet shoes linked below, some awesome tights and girly accessories and voila. Classic cute. Get tough and pair it with some combat boots (the Jimmy Choo pair below say or some docs ,I linked to some gorgeous ones here), torn up fishnets and leather and boom Grunge Goth babydoll. Masc it up with some chucks or a hot DIY’d black denim vest. YASSSSSSS!


[image description: photo of a femme person in a short long sleeved sequined black dress with white collar and cuffs]

Grown up Wednesday Adams?! YAS look at Victoria Beckham coming through. This is so damn cute, I would go with fishnets and tall docs. And I’d get the shiny leather because I’m kind of extra that way. I love it with the ankle boot as well. Dirty it up with a tatty cardigan and get your super glam KinderWhore on. I love this piece.

Next up let’s look at some shoes. Y’all, I must confess that my first run at this I had WAY too many shoes. I love shoes. I love weird shoes. I love chunky shoes. I love boots BUT I narrowed it down so we’re not here forever.


[image description: black combat boot with flower shaped black embellishments]

UM yo. These are Jimmy Choo. I dunno about y’all but when I hear Jimmy Choo I think super high heels and very pointy toes. Beautiful but not wearable for me. These on the other hand are just so delightful. Get the toughness of a combat boot with those tonal flowers with the little bit of sparkle?



{image description: Tall black boot with a sqaure toe, there is a black ankle harness detail with a silver ring]

This is the Balenciaga knee high riding boot.I mean..y’all. Y’ALL. These are so gorgeous and Balenciaga is just..I mean..I can’t.


[image description: pointy toed loafers (commonly called winklepickers), there are several silver buckles)

 Gucci Winklepickers. I mean, Winklepickers are a classic and these are just so beautiful. I would wear the HELL out of these.


[image description: Chunky heeled open toe velvet platform shoes]

I mentioned these YSL pumps up above. Could I find something very like this for eleventy who knows hwo much less? Yes. But look at them, so fine.

And let’s stop there, my poor heart can’t take anymore.


How would you style it?

Have any fantasy stuff you want to share? Drop it in the links.

Until next time.


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