On low key cosplay

A phrase I use a lot when talking clothes is low key or day to day cosplay.

What I mean by that, is creating outfits that evoke, fit in with etc a fictional character or universe. I also use this to refer to my absolute and unrepentant love of costumey clothes.

So basically my personal reason for adding some pieces to my wardrobe.

OKAY, so let’s talk the how.

We’ll use Dart Vader because that is my favorite and I have an outfit handy to show you:


{image description: photo of a brown skinned femme person wearing tall black leather boots, black leather looking leggings, asymetrical black  shirt and cardigan. Also wearing a fluffy black wig and grey lipstick]

OKAY this is what I wore to see Star Wars last week and this was very low key Femme!Vader cosplay.

I thought about okay if I was Vader in this world right now, what would Big Titty FEmme Vader want to wear when it was cold as shit, wanted to feel glamorous and this dark mori inspired look happened.

Get inspired by colors and textures in your favorite worlds and textures.

Just lately I’ve been having Femme!Blade casual desires. What would they wear? I spent WAY too much time cruising etsy because I have a kmart budget and OOAK tastes. Below I’ll drop in a list of links of pieces, accessories and whatnot for my Femme!Blade feels.

The great thing about low key cosplay is other folks don’t really have to get it. I mean, if you get it and it makes you happy awesome. If another geek gets it, also awesome, but not necessary. Personally, it just makes me feel so happy when I’m nerding out to the degree of creating day wear outfits and wearing them for characters I love.

I’m not one for whimsy in the traditional sense, but I also use the low key Cosplay thought when I want to dress like an evil/dead dolly. Or if I’m feeling a little Butchy Old Goth. You see, this is my bend towards being dramatic coming out. I don’t just want clothes, I want costumes that will project how I’m actually feeling.

Let’s be real, given the time, funds and ability I would be so outlandishly dressed 90% of the time and be ever so happy. I think that’s always been on my dream life list. I do feel less anxious and better about myself when I’m able to look precisely how I want to look at any one moment. I realize that a lot of stuff I like I could probably make but, DIY takes time and money. Sometimes it’s cheaper and more accessible to just buy the thing.

I’ll write about this a bit more later on but something about the post Trumpfuckian nightmare has magically erased whatever fucks I had left about how I look to other people. Next week we’ll talk more but it’s a hell of a thing.

I feel like writing about my low key cosplay thoughts helps cement that want in my head. Lifegoal-dress JUST how the fuck I want.

Okay now below find my shopping list that incorporates my Femme!Blade, a little Death Pixie realness, some Creepy Post Apocalypse Witchness.

Another time we’ll talk more about putting nerd in your wardrobe and I’ll present y’all with my dreamlist of nerdy ass clothing. Per usual these are Shop Style Affiliate links-

Mantle coat 

NEW COLLECTION Black Extra Long Leggings / Genuine Leather Front / Viscose Back by Aakasha A05125

Winter Warrior Dress, Handmade in Sizes Small to 5XL.
Stag Beetle Necklace

Dress “Virgo” with asymmetric cut and sleeves with gloves

Knee High Studded Spiked Sneakers

The Witching Hour tunic tank Black with choice of print

RTBU Warm Winter Storm Windproof Punk Rock Stretch Vegan Faux Leather

Redrum Horror Skirt

Black Loose Back Tank Top / Soft Casual Sport Wear

Large Coffin Nail Antique Iron Necklace Goth Macabre Witchy Casket 19th Century Death Funeral

Banshee lace tattered maxi skirt

Punk Torn Distressed Broken Hole Ashy Gray Verdigris Tie Dye Mummy .

Oscar Wilde Inspired Bronze Cameo Necklace


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