Fat Fashion Mega Post

Okay my Fat Babes.

This post is going to be a lot of links, some discussion of size and some tips on shopping at some places. Ready?

First a few things to mention:

  1. Shops marked with an asterisk (*) will indicate where if you shop online you can get Ebates. This is my Ebates referral link, Ebates is basically getting a percentage of how much you spend on supporting stores online. I love it.
  2. I will do my level best to let y’all know about size ranges. Also mark what is women’s sizing v’s jrs sizing and stuff marked as man sizes. That said, this is not gender essential. Wear what you like on your butt.
  3. Pricing. I won’t be commenting on that overmuch because quite frankly any garment over 50$ is out of my price range. That said, do check stores out and do this. See a garment you want, it is out of your price range. You can wait to see if it goes on sale, you can look for coupons, you can google search the garment to see if there’s something close or that garment for less. Or use it as a point of reference and find something similar.
  4. I am not going to lecture about ethical shopping. I am not the drones you are looking for for that.
  5. Some of these places aren’t strictly plus size but have plus sizes available.
  6. For some places I picked the sizing based on the jeans section. Always check individual items in case they have different sizing.
  7. Some folks are gonna be like, pfft you’re not even fat anymore. No I’m not. I am interested in providing resources for my fat homes cause everybody needs to cover their asses.

Okay got it?

Let us get started fatties.

First big box stores.

Torrid.* They carry sizes 10-30 or in their range 00-6. They also carry wide calf boots, and wide shoes. Also hosiery, lingerie and accessories.

Fashion To Figure*. They carry sizes 02(straight size) to 22/24. They do carry a lot of knit wear so that 22/24 might be able to extend a bit further size wise. They also carry shoes, accessories, intimates.

Avenue*.  They carry sizes 14-32. They carry wide calf and extra wide shoes, intimates, activewear, outerwear etc.

Lane Bryant*.  They carry sizes 14-32. That said, make sure you check individual items for their sizing. They also carry lingerie, wide calf shoes, designer collections.

Deb Shops. They carry sizes 14-24. They are absolutely more jrs oriented. Trendy wear. Straight sizes available as well.

Ashley Stewart*. They carry sizes 12-32. However, sizes 26-32 are in their own “special sizing” area. They carry wide calf and extra wide shoes, intimates, activewear, outerwear etc.

Woman Within. They carry sizes 12W to 48W. They really carry everything. Pro tip-Often you can buy woman within items via amazon. Note the name of the item from the catalog or website and search Amazon.

King Size Big and Tall. Menswear waist sizes from 38  to 78/80. Medium, wide and extra wide shoes. Pants, shirts, jackets, intimates, socks.

Ulla Popkin. Sizes 12-38. They also carry jrs and menswear.

Eshakti. Sizes 0-38 and also custom sizing. Skirts, dresses, tunics, pants and wedding wear.

Simply Be*. They carry sizes 6-34. Lots of on trend. They do sell shoes in sizes 9+ as well as wide and extra wide widths.

Roamans. They carry sizes 12W to 48W. Lots of career type wear. Business casual to business. They also carry winter wear, wide calf boots, wide shoes.

Hips and Curves– check site for various sizing. Lingerie, costumes, corsets.

Holy Clothing. Sizes 2/4-30/32 flowy dresses, skirts, tunics.

Jessica London. Sizes 12-38/40 focused on professional clothing.

City Chic. Sizes 14-24 On trend, very femme.

Beth Ditto. Sizes 14-28 (1x-3x) Boutique designer pieces.

Chubby Cartwheels. Sizes 14-32. Tees, tanks, skirts, dresses. Boutique, unique prints.

Ready to Stare– Sizes 2/4-30/32 (also see individual item listing) lots of unique skirts, tees, dresses, accessories.

Witch WorldWide– Sizes s/5XL. A lot of their items are meant to be worn oversized, check individual listings. Witchy, nu-goth.

Lovesick– Sizes 10-26 trendy, lots of cute on trend jeans/tops.

Rainbow*-Sizes 1x-3x lots of stretch items, low prices.

Beige– Sizes UK 16-28. Higher end out of the UK. Focus on designer collections.

Yours Clothing– Sizes UK 16-36, wide variety. Dresses, pants, coats etc.

Sealed With a Kiss (SWAK designs)-Sizes 1x to 6x- check individual items for more precise sizing. Trendy.

Plus Size Fix– Sizes XL-3X. Club wear, dresses. Boutique items.

Re/DressNYC-Sizes 1x-5X home of the legendary plus size teggings.

Copper Union– Sizes 12/4-28/30 Unique boutique items.


Next up these are direct links to the plus size sections of other stores with their sizes available.

ModCloth-1x-4x/16-26. Unique dresses, tops sweaters.

Nordstrom Plus size. – Sizes 14-28 higher end, designer wear.

Sears*– Sizes 12-30 (some up to 7/8X) some items may not be available for shipping.

Bealls Florida-Sizes 14/16 – 22/24W. Career and trendy clothes.

H&M– Sizes 14-24 Trendy clothes. Basics.

Land’s End– Sizes 16-26W. Jeans, outdoor wear, cold weather gear.

Wet Seal-Sizes 14-22 (looks like Jrs) trendy items, skinny jeans, leggings.

Old Navy*– Sizes 16-30(women)  Pro tip- If you are smaller busted/hipped always check the straight sizes as well up through about a size 22 or so.

Old Navy*– Mens “big” sizes up to 48″ waist 36″ inseam/sizes 2XL-3XL

Charlotte Russe Plus*– Sizes 16/17-26/27 Jrs. Trendy jrs oriented.

Rue21– Sizes 14-24 Jrs Trendy, lower cost.

Belk*-Sizes 14-24W Lots of selection from basics to more fancy things.

Zappos– Sizes 14-26 apparel. Shoes Womens up to size 20 (I checked, there are two styles). Mens shoes up to 20.

Target*– Sizes 14-30. Intimates, basics, skirts, pants dresses.

Walmart*– Sizes 16W-28/30. While shopping keep your eye on whether or not something is shippable.

Forever21*– Sizes 12-20. Jrs very trend oriented.

Zulily– varies. this is a membership shopping site, They have some great sales. Also if you’d like to sign up, please hit me up for an invite.

Rosegal- Sizes Xl-9Xl. Club wear, lingerie, fun holiday prints. They actually had stuff in at 9Xl.

Atomic Cherry- Sizes 8-26/28 (AU sizes) Vintage style, rockabilly boutique.

Sweet Chop Plus– Sizes XS-4XL (varies) Pin up, rockabilly, costumes.


Etsy Subsection. Note Ebates can be used all over Etsy. These will lean heavily alt because they are out of my personal favorites/related that Etsy popped up for me. As a rule, if you really want a garment on Etsy don’t be afraid to message the maker about getting one in your size or asking why they don’t carry your size.

Technodolly– Custom sizes fairytale clothes.

Exo Umbra-S-5Xl handmade modern witch clothes.

gloomth and the cult of melancholy- S-1xl, however they do offer custom sizing upon request. Creepy dolly clothes.

Corvus Corone Fashion– Sizes UK8-22 they also offer custom sizing. Grown up goth clothing.

Aakasha– Sizes XS-4XL (msg for above 4XL) Unique designs from a Bulgarian designer.

Spoons and Lace– Waists 32″-58″ (PLS note this store does use G*psy in some descriptions, this is not my store nor is it encouraging use of that slur) boho/hippie/bellydance skirts.

Go Follow Rabbits– All made to order. Nerdy circle skirts.

A few Amazon retailers-

The Legendary CowCow skater dresses. A million fun prints, really great prices and the sizing is very very generous. Sizes XS-4X. I’ve seen babes from sizes 0 up through 30 rocking these. Seriously they are great I have three of them.

Pro tip- If you spot something at Woman Within, check for the same item at Amazon. You might save some money. I purchased a Woman Within coat and on the WW site it was 98$ and  I got it on amazon for 55.

I have a clothing section in my Amazon affiliate store. Pay CLOSE attention to sizing/reviews for these.

Some fat folks shopping tips:


  1. Don’t be afraid to wear something other than the fit intended. Wear something tight that is supposed to be loose. Whatever, it’s your butt you do what you want.
  2. Don’t let numbers on tags freak you out.In no universe we have access to are sizing even approaching universal so fuck em. Use a number size as a reference only not as a rule.
  3. Don’t be ruled by whether something is Jrs, W, or marked plus. See #1. Be a cat, if it fits you..not sits but whatever. It’s your butt you do what you want.
  4. Don’t believe the hype- DIY is not always the answer. Sometimes yes but often DIY is as expensive or more expensive than just finding and buying.
  5. Don’t skip out on a trend or style because “you can’t pull it off” that is a bullshit lie someone else told you. Wear what the fuck you want.
  6. Don’t shame/be shamed if you’re shoppin at the Walmart or F21 or other “bad” retailer. Not all of us have Lane Bryant money.
  7. Don’t buy the hype about your shape (apple, pear, triangle, mother ship, whatever) see #1- IT IS YOUR BUTT YOU DO WHAT YOU FUCKING WANT.


  1. Wear whatever the fuck you want regardless of the size of your ass.
  2. Take/know your measurements. Don’t be afraid. Also for extra fit prowess, take your low waist, low hip or mark where you like to wear your undies/pants on your belly and measure there.
  3. Buy clothes for the body you have.
  4. Fuck flattering. Flattering is another bullshit concept. Yes, your ass still looks fat, it’s fine. No it’s awesome.
  5. Shop around. Don’t settle for shit you don’t like.
  6. Have fun with your clothes.

Other tips.

If you are like me and can’t totally afford your personal aesthetic, buy basics that are close to your aesthetic and dress em up with accessories.

NEVER apologize for your size. Especially if you are trying to give somebody money.

Share resources with other fat folks. I mean y’all, we gotta be in there togther. Speaking of solidarity, if you see a plus size line ends at size 22 and we know that we have homies who are above a size 30-say something. You can say, my friend would love this but they are a size 28/30. You might wanna consider providing for those folks.

Don’t be fooled by Instagram fatshionistas. Not all fat bodies are hourglass shaped and that’s ok. Also clothes look different on different body shapes and that’s great.

Now I turn it over to the best folks in the world, y’all.

Know places I haven’t linked? Drop em here.

Do you make stuff? BOOM PUT IT HERE!

Have any other super secret fatty fashion, shopping tip, BRING IT!



4 thoughts on “Fat Fashion Mega Post

  1. I am a plus sized gal and I love several of the sites you have listed – Ulla Popken and Simply Be. I also am a recent fan of LulaRoe – they carry from XXS to XXXL. Their shirts and dresses really make me feel good about myself.


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