2016 By Some Numbers

I’ve been keeping various metrics all year and I spent some time averaging stuff out and wanted to share. I use a mix of apps and my google calendar to keep track of stuff.

Bodily things:

  • According to my pedometer app I walk between 1-1.75 miles a day when I remember to start the app.
  • I drink on average 2 liters of water a day.
  • I drink about a liter of other liquids (tea, coffee, juice) a day
  • Since doing the LOC Method I take down and moisturize my hair 2 times a week and then on wash day.
  • I deep cleanse (clarify) my hair once a month.
  • On good days I eat about four times while I’m at work. Usually snack sized things.
  • I exfoliate from face to butt about 2 times a week.
  • I moisturize from face to butt every night.

Other things:

I generally write about 2K words a day in various ways. Blog posts, work on the next version of Self-Care like A Boss, my author newsletter etc.

For the past couple of months I crochet for a bit over an hour and a half.

I listen to 2 or so hours of audiobooks or podcasts.

My work days start at noon and usually end around midnight. I include my dayjob working hours and my commute.

This year like a lot of us I survived the multiple losses of people I admire. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to manage my anxiety, figuring out how to live and thrive with it and not spend so much time fighting it.

This little blog has been on my mind.

And real talk.

I don’t know if I mentioned it but the main purpose of this blog is so that I can teach myself to write about stuff like fashion, beauty and Black Beauty and natural hair and whatnot in my own way. I’ve had a long standing interest in these things and between us I really hate how this stuff is written about a lot of the time.

I’ve always felt pretty cold about beauty that doesn’t even bother to try being inclusive. I got very tired of beauty bloggers who in spite of their chipy “positive” attitudes, could never critique stuff. I mean, so many white and non-Black POC stanning for brands (sponsors) that don’t come in colors appropriate for Brown skin and they don’t tell you.

It culminated for me after binge watching beauty reviews on youtube and I realized that in terms of format, content and the things most of the people I followed would and wouldn’t comment on- they had nothing for me. Even a few Black youtuber/beauty bloggers. Like, girl I’m glad you got some shit for free but don’t tell me something is for “everyone” when CLEARLY shit doesn’t come in darker than tan.

I read/saw skin care reviews with raves after two days of use. I mean, can we be real? Unless something is legit miraculous or is like a pore-filler/mattifying primer, you can’t tell shit after a few days.

I read/saw so many reviews of beauty bags where nobody bothered to say that, yo 80% of these products will not work for Black people.

I got tired of it. I find it disingenuous. I got tired of the gender essentialism, casual transphobia, casual colorism, etc.

I also tried to break into beauty writing in magazines and because I don’t do things like gender essentialism, always positive etc nah son.

So here we are.

I’m your Fine Ass Old Auntie with the tea.

If shit is shit, I’m gonna tell you.

Now that this little spot is paid for, I’m going to be expanding my content. I’m going to do more of those affiliate linked fashion posts. More make up posts.

I have plans to talk about trying to shop in a more ethical fashion. So that means, I might talk about some problematic Faves. I’m going to talk about products I feel are a rip off.

If I can work it out and figure out how to use my little phone tripod, there will be some more outfit stuff. We’re gonna talk about fat fashion and cheap fashion and things.

2017 is gonna be something else.

Now, if you celebrate(d) holidays, happy and merry and all.

If you party for New Years, do so safely.

Happy 2017 darling dears.

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