New Year, New Stuff and damn it’s cold

Holy damn. Y’all we here.

I started this on the third and couldn’t quite get to where I could say anything beyond holy shit no.

I had to spend some time doing a heart to heart with myself. I keep feeling like I should do something more with this space, but frankly I cannot. My actual soul cannot take me giving more space to the Trumpfuckian nightmare than I already do.

So, save for rarely I won’t be doing that here.

Instead I’m gonna do more of what I love. We’re gonna talk beauty, skin care, aging, bodies, fashion the way I wanna talk about it.

It brings me joy to talk about these things and frankly when you are a marginalized person under threat, doing things that bring you joy is a nice big ole middle finger to the forces that want us to suffer.

So let’s talk about 2017.

I started spending a lot of time side hustling way back in Sept. because I wanted to buy a bunch of high end skin care stuff to start off 2017. I mostly did Swagbucks (y’all it was slow ass going but if you have the time why not) and plotted. I’ve only really dabbled in high end skin care, a moisturizer here and there but nothing major. I really wanted to try brands like Boscia, Peter Thomas Roth and whatnot.

I saved up 100$ in gift cards from my side hustle and y’all I bought SO MANY THINGS. Mostly all travel sized so I can try them out. I’m concentrating mostly on masks and a few cleansers to put into rotation.

I’m already so delighted by my skin, I really just want to play and see what happens.

I really want to do some OOTDs but I’m having a hell of a time figuring it out. The lighting in my apartment is not bright enough, I don’t have a full length mirror. I’m thinking if I can find my tripod I can take photos myself at work but I must find the tripod.

Mainly because y’all I have been so cute lately.

Today I’m wearing leggings with an attached skater skirt, Harajuku style socks, booties, a cute vneck top and a cardi. I’m fucking adorable.

Imma sort it out.

What else?

Beauty misadventures.

Aging. I mean I’m turning mother fucking 40 this year and if you’ve been here a minute you know I’m HYPE about it.

So that’s where we’re at.

I’m going to try and figure out more photo posting and coming next week I’ll show y’all my fave lippies on my real face.

In a few weeks I’ll do a wig lookbook AND a special post on how to buy wigs on a budget and why it’s okay if your shit ain’t laid.

OH before I forget. I used my shop style links and created a new pinboard. These are some of the skin care items I’m trying this year.

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