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Friday Day Dreams and Deals

It’s Friday. I’m deeply relieved. So let’s talk about some stuff I’m daydreaming about and whatnots. Usual rules, amazon links will be affiliate links, Ebates available links will be asterisked, y’all know. The first thing I am daydreaming about being … Continue reading

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I am not an “after”-About Fatness

Folks who’ve known me for a long time to know my weight has fluctuated over the years. Recently someone had a looksy at some old outfit photos of mine and then emailed me to let me know how “proud” they are … Continue reading

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Stuff I’m Lowkey obsessed with.

Y’all, I HAVE to share because I cannot make myself stop. I’m going to throw links at y’all of stuff I’m pretty obsessed with as in, if money weren’t no thang….you know. First thing. I am obsessed with Chrome bags. … Continue reading

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Er it was my birthday yesterday. I’m officially 40 y’all. If you’d like to read a fbomb laden essay about how I feel about turning 40 click here. So let’s talk about some shit I don’t like. It appears my fave milky nude, sheer … Continue reading

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