Accidental Hiatus and New Hair who dis?


Oh hey. It’s been forever and I don’t know why aside from, I kinda felt like I had nothing of substance to say.

I mean June was hard for me personally. The police murdered a Black woman in the area I used to live in and murdered a young Asian man in the neighborhood I currently live in. It really impacted me very deeply and I’ve not really felt right since then.

What have I been doing?

Working. Working. Working.

I’ve been hard at work with my Patreon Novella/Universe in progress. I’m almost done with Cycle 1 and will likely be releasing it as the first novella in a series of? If you’d like a preview, some free stuff to read head on over here to my Daiyuverse Patron page.

I’m also working on a passion project I can’t talk about yet.

What else?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my economic situation, my creative life etc. I’m at a bit of a loss right now about that shit. I don’t have the energy to grind for pennies. I don’t want to work at monetizing say this lil blog so much I don’t have the energy left over for my creative work.

So yeah.

What else?

Your fave Auntie is now a blond for the first time and I am kind of low key in love.

Check my Insta here. Follow me too it’ll be fun.

I’ll be back to more regular postings here soon. I’m feeling less whatever the fuck June was.

Coming up, I have a review of The Ordinary skin care, Freeman skincare, I’ll probably also talk some about shopping and hair as well.

So that’s what’s goin on.

I missed y’all.