Sometimes Adulting Blows.

Hello loves. Also if you’ve clicked over please forgive how ugly this blog is right now. I rage quit wordpress pro and well…I haven’t fixed my shit yet.

Y’all, 2017 has been kicking my ENTIRE ass. My partner is still not in a good way and I had an ER visit myself this week and found out I have an infection and have to be on a fuckload of antibiotics and pain medication and I’m working and….

This shit. I am very discouraged. Due to my own illness now, I burned through donations/side hustle money I was putting towards getting my finances back right after dealing with the fallout from my partner’s illness.

I’m in that weird headspace where I’m so frustrated with everything, I’m raging out about minor shit and feeling bad about myself as a breadwinner and adult.

So let’s have real talk about the battles.

The internal shame battle.

Shit is hard. Things are overwhelming and adding in that we’re moving in March. Y’all.

I’m working to be gentle with myself. I’m not entirely sure how to not freak out.

So here’s how shit stands.

My ER visit and subsequent fuckload of meds and whatnot, transportation for those days and missed work means I ran through most of my moving savings as well as cash I raised. So I’m low key starting over.

As recommended by trusted friends I’m trying to figure out what my needs are so I can ask but, honestly it’s all so overwhelming.

  • I’m going to need new glasses soon
  • I need a new bra
  • I need moving shit (storage containers etc)
  • Cash always.

On this end of things I’m doing some freelancing shit. I’ve inquired about some sensitivity reading but only a couple of nibbles so far. One project was too big and I just don’t have the time.

So yeah.

That’s what is happening so posting will continue to be light. There will be more fashion because fashion doesn’t necessarily stress me out more.

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