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Auntie is Old AF and it is good.

Hi darlings. Yesterday was my 43rd birthday. Holy fuckballs. I am FORTY THREE YEARS OLD. Had you asked me at 20 if I’d see 2020 I’d have laughed in your face. Even though I’ve had a lot of anxiety about … Continue reading

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Self-care stuff, smol victories and homemaking.

Hi babes. Today we’re going to talk about self-care and some things I’ve been working on to help preserve my little bit of sanity and improve the quality of my lived life. So for context, those of you who don’t … Continue reading

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Recipe Day- Yummy Spiced Mocha Protein Drink

There will be Amazon affiliate links denoted by a *. HI babes! The weather is warming up and I’ve been experimenting with my morning beverages. Today a new recipe. You’ll need: -Shaker bottle. This* is the one I use. It … Continue reading

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On Intuitive Eating And why it kinda sucks.

CW: for a few non explicit mentions of eating disorder history below. So today we’re gonna talk Intuitive Eating and why as the title suggests it kind of sucks. First if you aren’t familiar here is a quickie overview. From … Continue reading

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Wig Review-Janet Collection Natural Me Human Hair Blend Lace Front Wig – Ann

OH babes. I am so in love right now. I snagged the Ann wig from the really lovely Janet collection Natural me line from Divatress. First up, let’s talk about the store Divatress. Divatress has become one of my go … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Golden Milk! My recipe and how to.

Hi babes! Today we’re gonna talk about Golden milk lattes and my personal recipe. If you don’t know golden milk is a traditional auyervedic remedy. Traditionally you heat turmeric, black pepper, some fat and make a paste. Then you use … Continue reading

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A little fashion and Musing

HAY BOO HAY. Yer fave weirdo Auntie with some fashion. Recently, I treated myself to a few items from a Killstar Mega clearance. Here is a referral link, 5% off of your first purchase and I get VIP points. I … Continue reading

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Wellness- We Got Beef.

OH hi babe. Let’s dive right on in cause I got a problem. I have had a very long standing interest in wellness. I’m talking, I started reading about herbs and Indigenous remedies, family remedies, food as medicine etc way … Continue reading

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No New Me

Hello babes! Yer fave Auntie is back and we’re gonna dig into the lie that is New Year New Me horse shit. Up front let’s establish where I am coming from okay? I do not believe that fat is bad. … Continue reading

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Do Overs….End of the year faves. Skin Care edition.

Hi. I know. I KNOW I done fell the whole hell off. I’m here. So let’s talk year end favorite stuff. Skin care edition. There will be affiliate links with * near. FIRST UP let’s talk about skin care faves … Continue reading

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