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I am a strange little human that likes pie and shiny.

2017 for the Struggle Bus Natural.

About the last one for the year y’alls. I’m gonna look at hair stuff. SOoooo y’all. I had intended to make this big dramatic post, patting myself on the back and twerking in joy because I found a braid extension … Continue reading

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2017…look back at it Make up Edition

2017 hot garbage we know. SO let’s talk about make up that rocked my lil world. *Again affiliate links, y’all know. Foundation: NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Total Control Drop Foundation. – Y’all. Y’ALL. 14$. The MOST adjustable coverage. I love this … Continue reading

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2017…..looking back.

2017 has been a giant trash fire. So….yeah nope. That said let’s talk about some of my favorite things. Skincare up first. *Most of these will be affiliate links, Auntie needs coins cause bitches gotta eat. Cleaners: L’Oreal Pure Clay … Continue reading

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Too Fat For Life. CN: Eating disorder mentions, weight loss, trauma.

First story time. Once upon a time yours truly was a (as I thought then) super fat fat fatty teenager who was in fact too fat to live. A large part of why I felt this way included: I was … Continue reading

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Femme Files- Playing with my make up

Let’s talk beauty today my loves. One of the things I’ve learned about myself is that my love of make up is something that fulfills some very specific needs. It lets me play, when I was a baby potato I … Continue reading

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Goth Thoughts- Anime villain Edition

Hello my loves. Let’s talk lewks. Lately a large part of my aesthetic is looking like a King Queerdo Chubby Anime Villain. Let’s talk about when you find a pair of awesome boots and ways to style it. Our theme … Continue reading

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Sometimes Adulting Blows.

Hello loves. Also if you’ve clicked over please forgive how ugly this blog is right now. I rage quit wordpress pro and well…I haven’t fixed my shit yet. Y’all, 2017 has been kicking my ENTIRE ass. My partner is still … Continue reading

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Wigs, Wigs n Wigs- Balling on a budget

Inspired by a friend in need of info, I’m going to talk about having a bomb ass wig game on a budget. First, let’s dispell some stuff. Anything but human hair is terrible. Nah. Matter of fact, if you don’t … Continue reading

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Boots N Wishes

Hi y’all. The last two weeks of my life have been really awful. My partner is really sick and has been debilitated and unable to leave the house. We’ve been to the ER twice and then I got sick too. … Continue reading

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Life Makes Shit Hard

Hello frands. I’m currently ass deep in feels and stress so…stuff. I’m trying to find us a new place to live and it is so frustrating. If you’re new, I live in Seattle and the housing here is plentiful but … Continue reading

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