Struggle Bus Naturals-Twist Wig Review

Hello beautiful people.

Today I’ve got a wig review.

I’m calling it a struggle bus review because this style is SO great, but I can’t braid y’all. I gave myself not great twists one time and regretted it immediately.

Twisted lace front wigs are really great for folks who:

  • Can’t braid
  • Have sensitive edges
  • Are prone to migraines
  • Don’t want to commit the time.

The particular wig I have, I’ve had since last summer and now that it’s a bit beat up looks really great. All of these links are affiliate links. If you don’t like the ones I show, google similar names and you’ll probably find one suited to your needs.

First a photo (not full length, my twist wig is very long, brushes my booty and I’m about 5’3″):


Photo of a brown skinned person with glossy iips, wearing a long twisted hair style.

Okay, first the cons:

Most of the twist style wigs I’ve looked at need some DIY love before wearing. Mine came with all of the twists sewn down and I had to very carefully cut a lot of little stitches.

You’re going to want to be super careful cutting the lace. You don’t want to loosen any of the twists up front.

When I first got it, I also spent some time loosening the twists up just a little. I wanted them to be a bit puffier. I’ve noticed in the last year or so, that some manipulation has made the twists a bit fluffier.

If you like a super customized hairline, this style is not for you.

One other little thing, it’s hard to find these in super amazing colors. But stick around to the end for a solution to that.


Super easy to maintain. You can have unicorn long hair, and not spend all your time detangling or whatever. Very slip on and go.

You can do some updo, but I tend to not.

It is SUPER lightweight. Like shocking light. I don’t get any headaches wearing this style of wig.

Not nearly as expensive as going to get twists done every however many weeks.

Easier maintenance of your hair underneath your protective style.

If you want to tighten the twists after a long while of wear, go along and snip any fly aways then lightly steam the wig and twist.

Now let me mention a few other things.

Since I wear mostly inexpensive wigs that have kinda rough lace and I have sensitive edges let me show you my favorite wig accessory.

Milano Collection WiGrip Extra Hold Wig Comfort Band. Y’all. Y’ALL. Y’all know I hate paying retail but I have three of these and they are worth every penny. I have struggled with my edges and unfortunately last year I had a bout of pretty bad anxiety and wound up with a bald spot. If you’ve worn wigs a lot you know the combs/clips can be murder on your edges. This lil thing helps. Basically you put on  your wig cap over this and that. You can tuck the combs right between the cap and the band.  Also it can help mitigate any friction or irritation with the synthetic lace.

Also, if you find wigs a bit too big, this can help with fit.

Now how about some wigs?

The closest to (I may have the version from last season) what I have is this one.  My piece is also heat safe and a few times I wore the ends curled.

If you prefer braids this style is super pretty. Although I would not wear it behind my hairline like it is on the model.

Now let’s talk about what if you want fancy colors?

OKAY, so I know this is probably old news, but I discovered that there are pre-braided crochet braid wig caps. Look here.

Y’all, being that I can’t braid I never thought about crochet braids until I saw those. This means that I, non braiding ass me can do some crochet braid WIGS Y’ALL.

I mean you can buy pre-twisted/loc’d hair. Look. Seriously. We know you can buy synthetic hair in amazing colors so basically, this is freedom for a lot of us non braiding ass people.

So my lovelies. My fellow struggle bus naturals, we catching up.

Oh yes, yes y’all, we ALL up in it.

I encourage y’all do to some youtubeing. There are TONS of tutorials for making crochet braid wigs, on doing them in general. Etc.

That’s all darlings.

Next time, I’ll do a slow roll LOC tutorial and talk about why I am so about the protective styling.

I love y’all.

Natural Hair Quick Reviews.

In the interest of my own sanity I can’t talk about Orlando right now.

Instead I’ll talk about hair.

I’ve gone back to my favorite protective style and I’ve got some empty products so let’s talk about that instead.

First up, I’m a big fan of the LOC method for moisturizing. Especially now that I’m back wearing wigs it is pretty perfect.

My favorite leave in out of the half dozen or so I’ve used over the past yearish is the My DNA Leave In Conditioner. (Affiliate links in this post).  Here is the description from the Sally website:

  • Strengthens weak areas and repairs split ends
  • Promotes healthy hair growth from the follicle
  • Moisturizes deep within the hair shaft
  • Smooths and aligns cuticle layer

My DNA Leave-In Conditioner and Detangler saturates natural hair textures with intense moisture to hydrate and detangle for improved manageability. Its formula features an infusion of Monoi de Tahiti flowers to nourish and protect for shiny, healthy hair as well as stimulate the scalp and hair roots.

This product isn’t super scented and has a nice hefty spray. The bottle also features an on/off type switch so you don’t make a mess if you’re like me and accident prone. The texture is like a liquidy lotion. It provides excellent slip for my mid week detangling and is excellent after shampoo. If you low or no poo, it can leave a bit of buildup so be sure to clarify once in a while using it. Overall excellent price point (buy at Sally not amazon) and accessible to the naturalista on a budget.

For my oil I’ve used a lot of them. Straight coconut, olive oil, jojoba etc. My main concern with any product is that there is no mineral oil or petrolatum. Both of those do not agree with my hair. My budget friendly go to tends to be this African Royale Hot Six Oil. It has a nice blend of oils and a pleasant fruity scent.

For my edges and ends I am a devout user of Jamaican Black Castor oil. I can’t find my photos, but I had a legit bald spot from anxiety last year a bit bigger than the size of a quarter in the edges on my left side of my head. I religiously use JBCO on my edges nightly and damn if they aren’t back. And it protests my ends. Do not fall for bullshit get the real stuff. It has a slightly smoky odor and is a very thick oil. If you want to use it as a treatment best to cut it with conditioner or a lighter oil.

For my cream I’ve been experimenting and looking for something I love.

I have yet to find the dream product, but here are a few I’m pretty fond of. My hair likes a good heavy butter based cream.

Let’s start with the Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Creme. This has a bit of a too sweet smell for my taste, but overall it moisturizes nicely. The texture is a bit more pudding than cream, you can tell it has a good amount of water in it so it doesn’t work the best for me for sealing. I have noticed that it’s not quite heavy enough for my hair that is more of a z coil and those areas can wind up needing extra love when I use this. That said, I always have a tub of this around.

Next up the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow and Restore Leave-In Conditioner by SheaMoisture. On one hand, I really wanted to super love this. However, it is kind of a meh for me. I found that it leaves a whitish cast on my hair and I’m not into that. I first tried it while I was bunning and noticed in the sun my hair looked coated and dull. That aside, under my wig it works fine. It’s not super.

My favorite of all time is the Oyin Whipped Pudding. Y’all..this shit right here my hair LOVES it. My pocketbook, not so much. I know pay for quality and whatnot but I just can’t afford to use it regularly.

I can’t honestly recommend going all DIY for this stuff. Personally, it’s just too expensive to buy ALL the stuff to do it myself. I know how, I just don’t have the resources.

So that said, let’s talk about some stuff that’s great to have on hand to magic up stuff or super charge conditioners and detangling and whatnot. A lot of these are also multi use and you can even get some of them at your local grocery store.

(These are not affiliate links)

Light castor oil.  Always make sure you grab the food grade. You can use this to add in to deep conditioning treatments to give them more oomph, you can take a tablespoon if you’re constipated, you can use it as a hot oil treatment, you can add it into a self made detangling mix.  I use a lot of this when I do my cowash recipe (I’ll post that next time I do it) and it is a staple in my hair stuff closet.

Coconut Oil. I am a devotee. I always use coconut oil on damp hair as a preshampoo treatment. It has worked the best for my hair. I’ve cooked with it, added a few tablespoons to some sugar and scrubbed my butt with it, I put it in cocoa when I felt kind of queasy, weird but it also seemed to help me get to sleep. I’ll have to investigate that more closely. I right now have two ginormous containers because it is kinda everything.

Tea tree mix. Now listen here. Try the mix. Straight tea tree can be irritating and too strong. Also expensive. This brand of tea tree oil mix is perfect for adding to shampoos, conditioners, using a bit on your scalp if you’re itchy. Easy to use. No fuss.Another staple I always put in my cowash mix. Also check the ethnic section at your local walgreens, walmart etc. This one is pretty easy to find.

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. Y’all, I confess I was super late to this party because I really hate how acv smells. I hates it precious. That said, this shit right here. God damn. I’ve used it diluted half and half with water as a between shampoo and conditioner rinse- amazing. I use it in my cowash mix. Hell yes. I wanted to say that ACV no, but damn ACV yes.

That’s pretty much it. Currently I’m keepin it pretty simple.

Later this week how about a wig review?

With some tips from somebody who can’t really braid, but my wigs are semi laid.




Natural Hair Struggle Bus

I’ve been fully natural probably about six years or so right now. If you don’t know when I say natural I mean my hair isn’t texturized or relaxed with chemicals.

I am what I can call without too much shame a struggle bus natural. All those gorgeous Black women you see rocking twist outs and braids and ALL the things are not me. I have a little bit of a complex but I am terrible at styling my hair. I care for it amazingly. Like, my hair is fucking amazing and gorgeous.

Styling…yeah no.

For this reason I’ve spent most of my time natural rocking various buns. When my hair was shorter, I made myself a sock bun. I’ve tried to give myself braids (FAIL), cornrow my hair (SUPER FAIL TEARS WERE INVOLVED) and tried a lot of other styles that uh…yeah no.

Here are some things I’ve learned and struggled with.

My hair is ALL the curls. From type 2 to 4 i got em. Some of my hair naturally grows with such a loose wave it is almost straight.

The above said, myhair does not fro. When I say that I’m talking a big round fro. That is what I was picturing when I first went natural. I’d forgotten the varied textures of my natural hair and thought for sure when I cut off the last of my relaxed hair, BOOM FRO.


Also standing between me and my fro dreams is the natural part I have in my hair. It goes from the middle front to the back of my hair where I have a dramatic change in texture.

How about a little look back? This was my relaxed hair in 2007.

 photo 1207.jpg

My hair was breaking off, I had no idea what products were good or not. It was thinning. This was very close to me jumping off of the struggle bus and just shaving my head again. Learning how to really care for the health of my hair was just so fucking hard.

Fast forward to a week ago or so. I have been (for about five months or so) doing what’s called a protective style (my go to is wigs) and decided to blow out my hair for a good trim.

Y’all…when I say that I somehow tapped into Black Girl Magic I didn’t know was there, I tapped into it and my blowout is gorgeous.


Photo of a brown skinned topless person with their head turned. Displaying fluffy blow dried black hair.

This photo was right after i finished blowing out my hair. I wasn’t covered in broken hair. My hair was soft and big and floofy. Like, I DID IT.

As is my habit after blow drying I moisturized and wrapped it for the night. The next day i was rocking this:


Brown person looking down. Their hair is in a high shiny black poof.


LOOK at my fuckin hair.

LOOK AT IT. I mean this is my actual hair and I love it so much. My edges still lay down for neither man nor product but wow.

I know my hair isn’t the giant afro of my dreams. I can’t even fuck with the people I see on the natural hair blogs and instagrams.

As much as I struggle to try and learn how to do a bantu knot out or a twist out or something with my hair, I’m learning to appreciate it on a whole new level.

I call my hair the Kraken and I do so with love. When sometimes I overhear pelo malo directed at me when I walk by the Latina hair salons in my neighborhood, or when someone asks when I’m going to “do something” with my hair or I am told that someone prefers my wigs to my real hair, I don’t give a shit.

I might be on the struggle bus and sometimes trying to teach myself to braid my hair results in tangles and tears, but god damn y’all.

I love it.

My Kraken is Good Hair.

My Kraken is difficult and prone do parting where I do not want it to part and shedding and slow ass growth but damn it, the Kraken is glorious.

Someday, my goal is to have midback length stretched hair. The kind that makes you think of Fantasy stories.

I’m gonna get there.

My next hair post, I will document my attempt to give myself yarn braids. There may be tears.