Goth it up on A Budget

Hello my darlings!

Your fave Fine Ass Old Auntie returns. We’re going to be talking about clothing and accessories that are budget friendly AND easily Gothable.

First a definition of terms.

Gothable- an item that can go Goth with attitude, accessories or styling or cause you say so.

Below there will be a pin board full of straight and plus size ideas. I’ll toss in some more masc stuff as well. I will say I am no expert in masc leaning clothing because frankly I am Femme as Fuck.

Some personal style history. In the past 20 years or so, I’ve gone from OMG SO GOTH MY ASS IS SHINY IN DAYLIGHT as in wearing a lot of club clothing, vinyl during the day type goth. I’ve done ruffly lace fancy Goth. I’ve done punky goth, some kinderwhore. A LOT O GOTH. I think I’ve not done a lot of Victorian Goth or EGL or a bunch of other styles because $$ for fashion haven’t been plentiful.

In the last decade or so I tend towards the slightly absurd office goth. I like comfy. I like a stretchy waistband. I wear a lot of skirts, I love dresses. I’m very partial as I’ve mentioned to the skater skirt. I’m not very particular about where I shop. Let’s talk about that for a sec.

Some of my links will be fast fashion. I personally am not in a position to vote with my cash most of the time. I just can’t afford it. I like the idea of saving for an amazing ethical piece but in reality, for me and a lot of folks that is impractical.

Prior to my weight changing, I really didn’t think about it because most of the indie dark witchy brands just (and still) don’t go above a size 10 or 12 if you’re lucky. Even now that I’m a chonky 10/12 a LOT of the designers I love are not checking for my lil ass.

For instance I am OBSESSED with Sisters of the Black Moon and I have literally dreamed of this dress. The FLUIR DRESS BLACK LINEN. It costs $305.00. Now, yes craftmanship and everything. I’m not mad about the price. That said, if I had that type of cash to spend on a single garment, nah. I could probs fit into Large
Bust: 31 1/2″
Waist: 35″
Length: 54 1/4″

But the way I’m built, no way because um, my bust is not smaller than my waist. I run into the same problem with the beautiful things from Noctex. This item I could save up for BUT, my titties. I have them. Big ones. This is not built for someone who is not the shape of the model if that is the look you’re going for.

Often in Goth circles, folks will get up in arms over Goth being trendy. Remember that H&M Girl with the Dragon Tattoo collection? I saw a lot of hand wringing and ZOMFG MALL GOTH WE ARE SPECIAL type lamentation and y’all, wrong attitude. Yes, DIY is great. However, it is not just a matter of being able to slap shit together. Not all of us can design. Not all of us can sew. No, not everyone can sew together clothing. That is bullshit. AND often, the materials to make one shitty franken thing cost as much as just buying the damn thing.

If you can make something awesome. if not, shit store bought is fucking fine.

One of the other reasons why I love Goth as a trend is that the styles circulating in the indie and high end Gothdom, come down to earth and will fit my ass and the asses of my fat friends. If you’re mad at mall goths, you’re mad at folks who likely can’t afford to sit with you and, you might as well click away.


Also a lot of what you’ll find in the pinboard is office appropriate. Yes in theory we all want to wild out and wear what the fuck we want when we want but, puppies don’t appear out of nowhere when we want them either and bitches got rent to pay.

I’m not including shoes because that is a whole other thing.

Some tips.

If you cannot go full goth at work for reasons, little touches are great. Spooky jewelry from the cheesy Halloweeny stuff to beautiful handmade occult or bone jewelry. Make up is also an option. From a classic wing to a fierce AF black lip. The fun part is figuring out how much of your freak flag to fly.

My opinion, much like my style is pretty easy. Do what makes you feel fancy and if someone is doing none of the following:

  • Feeding you
  • Paying your rent
  • Fucking you
  • Paying you in general

Nobody gives a shit what they think about your aesthetic choices.

Let’s talk affordability. That is also highly subjective. Two years ago, I couldn’t afford an unplanned pair of 30$ shoes. These days with my improved credit lines, I can usually work it out to spend more. Do you.

Let’s get our mall goth on. I suggest HIGHLY following me on Pinterest. I am putting together a LOT of idea boards. I will mark stuff that is expensive to me in the fantasy boards. Full disclosure, some of the links I get a tenth of a penny if you click em.



How not to Break Beauty.

Over at bookface, I ran across a post from the make up company Wet N Wild. Ahem. Note the brown skinned folks in some of the posts/photos.

Love the idea of a lot of what they do. No cruelty, vegan yadda yadda. BUT, most of their face products don’t come in shades appropriate for folks darker than beige. I think one of the foundations comes in a few shades of brown but, come on.

Their new mega cushion foundation literally comes in fiftyshades of beige.

Not long ago plus size retailer Universal Standard did a giveaway of free tees. From their website about us page:

We’re here to break the plus-size fashion industry.
We will accomplish this by making beautiful, quality, modern, elevated essentials for women size 10-28.
We will tear down existing barriers by doing this at democratic prices, and by turning away from fast fashion and all of its waste, inhumanity, and disastrous impact on the environment.
We will use Universal Fit Liberty to shut down the size-bully living in the head of every woman who doesn’t see her true self in the mirror by giving her the leeway to change her body without penalty to her style, or her wallet.
We will create clothes that will erase the style barrier between her and her smaller-size peers.
We will welcome her to our showroom and give her the peace and luxury of a one-on-one session with a stylist.
We will create stunning imagery and thoughtful editorial content because we want her to know she has the right to expect it.
We will say to her, ‘now you can,’ and make it so, in every way a brand can.
And when her interaction with US is over, she will say:

The teeshirt I got for free is normally fifty dollars. For a tee shirt. A TEE SHIRT.

What do these things have in common?

This is what happens when capitalism wants to play at activism. Lane Bryant does it, lots of cosmetics companies etc do it. THey want you to feel good about shopping with them on the tickly idea that you’re being part of a movement.

However, if we examine these things closely we find the problem.

It is very rare that the about us, or hashtags actually match up with the brand. Wet N Wild for instance, their hash tags imply accessibility but if we look at what they offer, if you’re not in the fifty shades of Becky range, the choice is deeply limited. They cash in on the cachet of having WOC models/photos but don’t put in the effort to make their product accessible to those people.

Universal Standard is doing something that is almost the same. Just like every other plus size brand, their mission statement implies that you the fat customer are getting some special amazing experience. What is funny is that a lot of fat people are absolutely excluded from jump. If you aren’t of a particular economic class, I doubt you can look at your bank account and say, hell YES get me that fifty dollar tee shirt.

If you are over a size 28 well, too bad so sad.

This is a problem and has been for a long time. Capitalism likes to play dress up in order to make us feel good about having to participate in it. A lot of people want to believe that by buying a shirt from a store that uses progressive sounding hashtags they are really doing something radical.

They aren’t.

This is what the commodification of the lowest level activism looks like. This is what it looks like to use your economic privilege to try and seem more radical.

The fact is, a lot of people, especially those involved with not sparkly or pretty activism are not the demographic here. A lot of the Fat Activists I’ve known for at least 10-15 years, couldn’t afford to vote with their wallets that way. And in terms of clothes accessible to fat folks this is what happens.

Brand X offers body posi sounding line of clothing that is overpriced tee shirts and ugly stretch knits. Folks don’t buy it because it is expensive and ugly. Brand X says, OH WELL WE TRIED U UNGRATEFUL FAT HOES. Brand X goes back to their usual bullshit and get to say, well the market isn’t there.

Make up companies do it with dark skinned folks ALL the time. High end brands want to say that Black women especially don’t buy their products. They make two shades of brown, lots of BW don’t buy it because there are way more shades of us than that, brand says SEE WE TRIED.

These things have gone on for years. They come in and out of fashion and frankly this is why I am very reluctant to vote with my wallet. For me while I do love the idea of voting with my wallet, a lot of the time I’m just not in a position to or frankly I see through too much of the initial shiny RAH RAH LOOK HOW GOOD WE ARE.

I have a lot of friends who are very determined to shop ethically and I think that’s great. It is wonderful. What’s not awesome is the idea that all of us can do that to the same degree. For instance. Probably ten years ago, I remember a big long thing in the fatshion community about not allowing folks who shopped at Walmart to post outfit photos because it encouraged shopping at Walmart.

We all know Walmart fucking sucks.

Some of us know that and shop there out of necessity. Let’s look at a common necessity. Panties.

Now I personally am fond of the Fruit of the Loom Beyond soft briefs. If I were someone who wears a size 30-32 (according to their size chart)

13 56 – 59.5 30W – 32W

We can assume some stretch in the 56-59.5 hip measurement. Now at Walmart you can get a pack of these for $12.44. Now if we shopped with ALL BODIES type thing in mind we might look at Lane Bryant. A similar style of panty is available but only up to size 26. For 10.50$

26/28 14-15 46-48 51-52

Now in this example the person who buys the Walmart draws in a size 13 is not only saving money but they have access to panties their size.

I don’t believe that the person who chooses the Walmart drawers is ethically bankrupt or doesn’t care about how shitty Walmart is. Sometimes, you just really need some damn drawers.

And that is where a lot of arguments about ethical shopping or voting with your wallet fall apart for me. Often there is just a lack of nuance in terms of how these things work in real life for a lot of us.

Marginalization can have a major impact on how we buy, what we buy etc. I think that conversations and actions trying to deal with trying to do our best under capitalism are so important, we need to learn to be more inclusive and listen when our friends say yo this isn’t gonna work for me.

For instance.

If you’re not a fat person and you insist that folks don’t shop a certain brand that goes beyond say a size 24, think about what that says to your size 26 or 40 friends. If you’re someone who is into make up, if you do reviews of say a line of foundations, say hey this does not come in colors made for brown people.

If you work in the has influence area of fashion or make up, bring this shit up. Ask those questions.

Ask if we are breaking beauty, where are our products to support that idea? Why don’t we have products for this person we’re saying is awesome?

I’d like to see our conversations about ethical consumption become less if you don’t do these things you suck type conversations and dig more into accessibility and how reasonable it is to expect folks to all have the same ability to impact these things.

I think when we make these conversations less about doing the most to be right and more about how to live and function and feel like we’re able to make the best decisions we can in our unique circumstances, we’ll be more effective in figuring out how to enact change.

That’s all for now.


We are still not moved. Life is a mess so posting will remain very sporadic.

The time Betsy Johnson Broke My Heart

A site I like to window shop at sometimes sent me an email about a bunch of Betsy Johnson stuff on sale.

Y’all don’t know this, but Betsy Johnson was the first designer I loved. When I was a lil post teenage potato, the only designer that I ever thought, holy fuck I want to wear that was Betsy.

Back in the 90s, my style was absolutely done what I gotta do with thrift store and hand me downs. Not because it was fashionable, but I was poor and chubby. And then in some magazine I saw Betsy Johnson clothes. It became my big secret dream to have one. Even more than the pretty formal dresses that never fit me, more than the Goth wear I saw in the Retail Slut catalogs I got.

A dress similar to this one was my dream.

My style icons were Grace Jones, Courtney Love, Stevie Nicks, the goth and punk girls I saw randomly. I wanted to wear pleated school girl skirts and boots, I wanted to wear big chunky ass shoes and slip dresses and y’all get it.

I had this vision of Bad Bitch Femme. Glitter and fucked up nails and whatnot.

However, I was not a thin girl. Even at my lowest weights, I’ve always still been a thick girl. Back then, after having a little money for mall clothes, I remember leaving in tears because I couldn’t find things I liked that fit my body. I remember very vividly being in a dressing room in the Limited maybe and trying not to cry and my Mom being impatient because I wouldn’t come out.

So I made it work sort of. I remember convincing myself that well fuck mall clothes anyway and that I just didn’t have the body to wear things I actually liked. And then I started to fake it.

I remember I had this ridiculous outfit, a pair of poop brown mens 70s slacks that I paired with a cream colored long sleeve thermal, boots and a big old fake high long ponytail. I paired it with a super glossy glittery lip and a big ole stripe of liner and it was one of the first times I was like, I am fine as fuck.

My next foray into dressing just how I wanted to was when I went to my first Pride. I want to say it was maybe 1999? I dunno, I’m an old.

So I had thrifted what was probably part of a dance team outfit. It was a fuschia sequinned a line mini skirt with a little keyhole belly cut out and a black ribbon. I saw it buried in a bin at Value Village and fell in immediate love.

I wore it low on my hips with platform sandals and a strappy vintage camisole that was almost see thru. There was glitter on my face (I used to mix my own glittery face powder back in the day, SHUT UP IT WAS THE SHIT) and I had a pixie haircut and y’all, I went alone and it was when I found my bounce.

I did that thing where when I got to the parade, I invoked my runway hoeness and walked it the fuck out. Booty bouncing, titties out, shoulders back, feelin the FUCK out of myself. There was a drag queen handing out sunglasses and she stopped me, put some glitter cat eyes on my face and made me do my runway walk.

I wound up being friends with her but mostly what i remember is this drag queen and some cute gay boys yelling, “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORK BITCH” and it was the first time in my young adult potato life, I really felt beautiful.

Now around that time I was saving money, all my change, any extra dollars because I wanted to go into the Betsy Johnson store and buy a dress. I got myself gussied up and went in and almost immediately realized that nothing would fit me aside from maybe some earrings or sunglasses or a purse.

I didn’t want a fucking purse.

I remember leaving (AH I was 21 by then) and going to sit in a bar by myself and feel like the grossest human to ever live.

Betsy Johnson just broke my lil heart. I was devastated. I’d worked so hard to save up about 300$ and I even had a plan to take myself out on a fancy date so I could wear whatever I bought.

Now I took that money and wound up in a Hot Topic, ostensibly to buy myself some band shirts or something and I discovered this long black beautiful Gothy dress. It was full length, had a chiffon cape thingy, the big sheer bell sleeves. Sort of this style, but not velvet. The ubiquitous Goth thing.

I found my thing.

I found the thing that opened up fashion to me in a while new way. I realized that my body was not at fault for some stuff not fitting me. That my inability to wear Betsy or shop at 5-7-9 or whatever.

My big point here is this.

Your body is not wrong.

You have to figure out what you’re working with and work with it. Figure it out. The thing is, there’s something like THE big deal thing, you just have to find it.

That said, sometimes you’re still gonna mourn the perfect thing. It’s okay. It happens to all of us.

This post brought to you by this most perfect dress that would in no universe fit my ass.


Someone please buy that damn dress and then get your photo taken and show me because I think it is so damn beautiful. Betsy, you hurt my feelings again.


Fat Fashion Mega Post

Okay my Fat Babes.

This post is going to be a lot of links, some discussion of size and some tips on shopping at some places. Ready?

First a few things to mention:

  1. Shops marked with an asterisk (*) will indicate where if you shop online you can get Ebates. This is my Ebates referral link, Ebates is basically getting a percentage of how much you spend on supporting stores online. I love it.
  2. I will do my level best to let y’all know about size ranges. Also mark what is women’s sizing v’s jrs sizing and stuff marked as man sizes. That said, this is not gender essential. Wear what you like on your butt.
  3. Pricing. I won’t be commenting on that overmuch because quite frankly any garment over 50$ is out of my price range. That said, do check stores out and do this. See a garment you want, it is out of your price range. You can wait to see if it goes on sale, you can look for coupons, you can google search the garment to see if there’s something close or that garment for less. Or use it as a point of reference and find something similar.
  4. I am not going to lecture about ethical shopping. I am not the drones you are looking for for that.
  5. Some of these places aren’t strictly plus size but have plus sizes available.
  6. For some places I picked the sizing based on the jeans section. Always check individual items in case they have different sizing.
  7. Some folks are gonna be like, pfft you’re not even fat anymore. No I’m not. I am interested in providing resources for my fat homes cause everybody needs to cover their asses.

Okay got it?

Let us get started fatties.

First big box stores.

Torrid.* They carry sizes 10-30 or in their range 00-6. They also carry wide calf boots, and wide shoes. Also hosiery, lingerie and accessories.

Fashion To Figure*. They carry sizes 02(straight size) to 22/24. They do carry a lot of knit wear so that 22/24 might be able to extend a bit further size wise. They also carry shoes, accessories, intimates.

Avenue*.  They carry sizes 14-32. They carry wide calf and extra wide shoes, intimates, activewear, outerwear etc.

Lane Bryant*.  They carry sizes 14-32. That said, make sure you check individual items for their sizing. They also carry lingerie, wide calf shoes, designer collections.

Deb Shops. They carry sizes 14-24. They are absolutely more jrs oriented. Trendy wear. Straight sizes available as well.

Ashley Stewart*. They carry sizes 12-32. However, sizes 26-32 are in their own “special sizing” area. They carry wide calf and extra wide shoes, intimates, activewear, outerwear etc.

Woman Within. They carry sizes 12W to 48W. They really carry everything. Pro tip-Often you can buy woman within items via amazon. Note the name of the item from the catalog or website and search Amazon.

King Size Big and Tall. Menswear waist sizes from 38  to 78/80. Medium, wide and extra wide shoes. Pants, shirts, jackets, intimates, socks.

Ulla Popkin. Sizes 12-38. They also carry jrs and menswear.

Eshakti. Sizes 0-38 and also custom sizing. Skirts, dresses, tunics, pants and wedding wear.

Simply Be*. They carry sizes 6-34. Lots of on trend. They do sell shoes in sizes 9+ as well as wide and extra wide widths.

Roamans. They carry sizes 12W to 48W. Lots of career type wear. Business casual to business. They also carry winter wear, wide calf boots, wide shoes.

Hips and Curves– check site for various sizing. Lingerie, costumes, corsets.

Holy Clothing. Sizes 2/4-30/32 flowy dresses, skirts, tunics.

Jessica London. Sizes 12-38/40 focused on professional clothing.

City Chic. Sizes 14-24 On trend, very femme.

Beth Ditto. Sizes 14-28 (1x-3x) Boutique designer pieces.

Chubby Cartwheels. Sizes 14-32. Tees, tanks, skirts, dresses. Boutique, unique prints.

Ready to Stare– Sizes 2/4-30/32 (also see individual item listing) lots of unique skirts, tees, dresses, accessories.

Witch WorldWide– Sizes s/5XL. A lot of their items are meant to be worn oversized, check individual listings. Witchy, nu-goth.

Lovesick– Sizes 10-26 trendy, lots of cute on trend jeans/tops.

Rainbow*-Sizes 1x-3x lots of stretch items, low prices.

Beige– Sizes UK 16-28. Higher end out of the UK. Focus on designer collections.

Yours Clothing– Sizes UK 16-36, wide variety. Dresses, pants, coats etc.

Sealed With a Kiss (SWAK designs)-Sizes 1x to 6x- check individual items for more precise sizing. Trendy.

Plus Size Fix– Sizes XL-3X. Club wear, dresses. Boutique items.

Re/DressNYC-Sizes 1x-5X home of the legendary plus size teggings.

Copper Union– Sizes 12/4-28/30 Unique boutique items.


Next up these are direct links to the plus size sections of other stores with their sizes available.

ModCloth-1x-4x/16-26. Unique dresses, tops sweaters.

Nordstrom Plus size. – Sizes 14-28 higher end, designer wear.

Sears*– Sizes 12-30 (some up to 7/8X) some items may not be available for shipping.

Bealls Florida-Sizes 14/16 – 22/24W. Career and trendy clothes.

H&M– Sizes 14-24 Trendy clothes. Basics.

Land’s End– Sizes 16-26W. Jeans, outdoor wear, cold weather gear.

Wet Seal-Sizes 14-22 (looks like Jrs) trendy items, skinny jeans, leggings.

Old Navy*– Sizes 16-30(women)  Pro tip- If you are smaller busted/hipped always check the straight sizes as well up through about a size 22 or so.

Old Navy*– Mens “big” sizes up to 48″ waist 36″ inseam/sizes 2XL-3XL

Charlotte Russe Plus*– Sizes 16/17-26/27 Jrs. Trendy jrs oriented.

Rue21– Sizes 14-24 Jrs Trendy, lower cost.

Belk*-Sizes 14-24W Lots of selection from basics to more fancy things.

Zappos– Sizes 14-26 apparel. Shoes Womens up to size 20 (I checked, there are two styles). Mens shoes up to 20.

Target*– Sizes 14-30. Intimates, basics, skirts, pants dresses.

Walmart*– Sizes 16W-28/30. While shopping keep your eye on whether or not something is shippable.

Forever21*– Sizes 12-20. Jrs very trend oriented.

Zulily– varies. this is a membership shopping site, They have some great sales. Also if you’d like to sign up, please hit me up for an invite.

Rosegal- Sizes Xl-9Xl. Club wear, lingerie, fun holiday prints. They actually had stuff in at 9Xl.

Atomic Cherry- Sizes 8-26/28 (AU sizes) Vintage style, rockabilly boutique.

Sweet Chop Plus– Sizes XS-4XL (varies) Pin up, rockabilly, costumes.


Etsy Subsection. Note Ebates can be used all over Etsy. These will lean heavily alt because they are out of my personal favorites/related that Etsy popped up for me. As a rule, if you really want a garment on Etsy don’t be afraid to message the maker about getting one in your size or asking why they don’t carry your size.

Technodolly– Custom sizes fairytale clothes.

Exo Umbra-S-5Xl handmade modern witch clothes.

gloomth and the cult of melancholy- S-1xl, however they do offer custom sizing upon request. Creepy dolly clothes.

Corvus Corone Fashion– Sizes UK8-22 they also offer custom sizing. Grown up goth clothing.

Aakasha– Sizes XS-4XL (msg for above 4XL) Unique designs from a Bulgarian designer.

Spoons and Lace– Waists 32″-58″ (PLS note this store does use G*psy in some descriptions, this is not my store nor is it encouraging use of that slur) boho/hippie/bellydance skirts.

Go Follow Rabbits– All made to order. Nerdy circle skirts.

A few Amazon retailers-

The Legendary CowCow skater dresses. A million fun prints, really great prices and the sizing is very very generous. Sizes XS-4X. I’ve seen babes from sizes 0 up through 30 rocking these. Seriously they are great I have three of them.

Pro tip- If you spot something at Woman Within, check for the same item at Amazon. You might save some money. I purchased a Woman Within coat and on the WW site it was 98$ and  I got it on amazon for 55.

I have a clothing section in my Amazon affiliate store. Pay CLOSE attention to sizing/reviews for these.

Some fat folks shopping tips:


  1. Don’t be afraid to wear something other than the fit intended. Wear something tight that is supposed to be loose. Whatever, it’s your butt you do what you want.
  2. Don’t let numbers on tags freak you out.In no universe we have access to are sizing even approaching universal so fuck em. Use a number size as a reference only not as a rule.
  3. Don’t be ruled by whether something is Jrs, W, or marked plus. See #1. Be a cat, if it fits you..not sits but whatever. It’s your butt you do what you want.
  4. Don’t believe the hype- DIY is not always the answer. Sometimes yes but often DIY is as expensive or more expensive than just finding and buying.
  5. Don’t skip out on a trend or style because “you can’t pull it off” that is a bullshit lie someone else told you. Wear what the fuck you want.
  6. Don’t shame/be shamed if you’re shoppin at the Walmart or F21 or other “bad” retailer. Not all of us have Lane Bryant money.
  7. Don’t buy the hype about your shape (apple, pear, triangle, mother ship, whatever) see #1- IT IS YOUR BUTT YOU DO WHAT YOU FUCKING WANT.


  1. Wear whatever the fuck you want regardless of the size of your ass.
  2. Take/know your measurements. Don’t be afraid. Also for extra fit prowess, take your low waist, low hip or mark where you like to wear your undies/pants on your belly and measure there.
  3. Buy clothes for the body you have.
  4. Fuck flattering. Flattering is another bullshit concept. Yes, your ass still looks fat, it’s fine. No it’s awesome.
  5. Shop around. Don’t settle for shit you don’t like.
  6. Have fun with your clothes.

Other tips.

If you are like me and can’t totally afford your personal aesthetic, buy basics that are close to your aesthetic and dress em up with accessories.

NEVER apologize for your size. Especially if you are trying to give somebody money.

Share resources with other fat folks. I mean y’all, we gotta be in there togther. Speaking of solidarity, if you see a plus size line ends at size 22 and we know that we have homies who are above a size 30-say something. You can say, my friend would love this but they are a size 28/30. You might wanna consider providing for those folks.

Don’t be fooled by Instagram fatshionistas. Not all fat bodies are hourglass shaped and that’s ok. Also clothes look different on different body shapes and that’s great.

Now I turn it over to the best folks in the world, y’all.

Know places I haven’t linked? Drop em here.

Do you make stuff? BOOM PUT IT HERE!

Have any other super secret fatty fashion, shopping tip, BRING IT!



Fave Goth Stuff. The Broke Goth Edition.

Oh Brokeass Auntie, Patron Saint of Old Comfy Goths everywhere, WHERE do we buy Goth stuff?

So brace yourselves.

First up, let’s talk basics.

For me that means black stuff like tees, leggings, other shirts. First rule of Broke Goth club is that stuff is generally basic, is not stuff I pay big bucks for. I like to save my budget for the occasional higher end item but every day stuff no.

I’ll also roll some tips about leggings buying on Ebay.

So first lets talk about buying plain leggings.

Always look at your local drug store. I’ve seen regular and fleecy leggings from xxs-3/4X at Walgreens. Frequently they are 2 for 10$. Those are the store brand. Always check out the underpants area as well. Hanes and Leggs both make leggings and I’ve seen those on sale as well. If you shop at a store with loyalty cards save up enough cash back and snag some. You can never have too many pairs of plain or plainish leggings.

For a few more choices, check Walmart and Target. And always check the workout leggings for more interesting options. That said, don’t pay more than 15-20$ at the most because come on they are leggings.

Now I personally like to wear leggings in cooler weather both as pants (FIGHT ME) and under skirts and stuff.

My number one rule no matter what your aesthetic is, look EVERYWHERE. I am of the mind that if you have the cash, we all need basics all the time. Drawers, socks, hosiery, leggings, tees.

Let’s break for a minute and talk about aesthetics. Regardless of what flavor your Goth is, or what your aesthetics are for real, don’t be afraid to look for stuff everywhere. If you’re like me and have a Walmart budget, rock that walmart shit.

For us Broke Goths, I like to say spend my money on accessories or the occasional fancier dress or shoes. You get to pick.

Some folks might be saying, but but Shannon why don’t you just save up for ONE thing. Because I can’t wear just one thing. For those of us who don’t have instant laundry access or dry cleaning money, what are we going to cover our butts with?

While we’re talking spending, yeah I’m gonna be linking to fast fashion. Here’s the thing, not all of us are able to vote with our wallets. A lot of stores and manufacturers are problematic to pure evil, but you know what? I still need clothes I have access to.

Okay so let’s get with the links.

Don’t be afraid of Hot Topic. They have some great sales and if you sign up for the elist you can get coupons.Let’s look at some stuff I find versatile and comfylike:

Black Skull Mesh Leggings. I have a pair of these. The sizing is nice. I got a large and probably could have gone with a medium and been fine. They are super cute with a cardi, not super warm but comfy. Great price on sale right now.

If you have narrower hips/are a dude, check out these on sale skinny jeans. Super cute. Great price.

You get my drift. And remember to always check clearance, if things are stretchy you can always consider sizing down for a tighter fit.

Let’s go to Amazon.

How to search: Use my example and search with me.

Use Black A line skirt- TONS of results. I picked this skirt.  Note though, it doesn’t say so in the description this is probably an Asian size and the one size fits most is likely not going to work for me.Always check that. The generic size guides Amazon uses are not great. Also again this is a time where I say read ALL the reviews. Watch out for the ones where someone says I’m usually a size X and this was tiny/too big.

My magic combo for searching amazon, ebay, etc. are usually color, type of garment and then I can whittle my choices down from there.

You get my drift. In meatspace I have another super secret method. Say you really have your eye on a pair of pants from a store. Go to the store, find out if they have the size you want, try them on. Then go home and use the internets. Check ebay, amazon and the store site. Check for coupons.

In the past couple of years I’ve started collecting some gothy accessories after years of not wearing much in that way.

For cutesy cheap things, Ebay. Etsy. Search by keyword or material.

To wrap up, let me give you a little shopping list if I had H&M cash. This is the sort of thing I consider Gothable and wearable, especially if you have a casual job. Most of this stuff is thin, so layering would be essential, but this is what I like. These are totally affiliate links and I do get a few coins from clicks.

Silver pleated skirt– UGH I freaking love this so much. SHINY.

Short Jersey Dress– This would be great to wear with fleecy leggings, or interesting tights, a cardi and boots.

Fine knit Sweater- I have a similar sweater I got from Old Navy a couple of seasons ago. I LOVE this shape and layering. It’s thin, so I know I won’t sweat to death while I’m walking and if I layer right I won’t freeze either.

Cowl neck sweater– Normally I HATE anything close to my neck. But this looks so soft and comfy. I can picture it with my faux leather leggings, OTK boots, and some big chunky jewelry. YASSSSSS.

Fine knit Dress– Another one I love. I’d pair this with my stripey leggings, or some fleece tights and OTK socks and boots.

Plus size H&M+ Slim-fit Pants– I actually really like how the skinny cut pants from HM fit. The plus size ones are a bit too big in the booty for me. But the straight sizes work for me. So if you have a bit more booty in the pants these might do you right.

Plus size Knit Tunic- I think this would be dress length on me and I’m for it. I think it is really pretty. Again, I see boots, OTK socks, Leggings, fleece tights.

So the big lesson is, the Goth isn’t necessarily in the shop. Get in where you fit in. You don’t have to spend all your coin to be a Goth.

NOW. this was the practical version. This is what I actually do and where I actually shop.

Next time we’re gonna go full fantasyland and it’s gonna be awesome.


Fall Textures.

Hello sweet thangs.

Let’s talk texture and fall clothes. I’m a bit of a texture fanatic. I can be really picky about what fabrics to go next to my skin and I’m just learning what fabrics to layer.

First up, let’s talk my texture, aesthetic.

I like soft. A lot of the time I like to feel like I’m wearing something as close to jammies as possible while still rocking my aging office Goth aesthetic. Affiliate links, ahoy.

First up I’m SUPER into Old Navy tees. They aren’t the most sturdy but, as far as comfort goes can’t beat them.

I really love the shape of this Tulip Tunic Tee.  That tee comes in a few colors and I see a lot of the sizes are sold out. Keep an eye on them.

I’m a big fan of their lightweight tees as well. As I learn to layer properly, they tend towards the soft side. Pro tip if you’re really busty, the relaxed Vneck anything is going to show ALL your goodies. Get a size down or wear a cami.

My FAVORITE ON tees of all time are these. When I buy them, I buy doubles in each color. I will buy one a size down for a more fitted body con fit, and one my regular size for a slightly looser fit. I find it really easy to layer these with a nice thinner weight sweater or cardigan. For me, (hot flash city up in here) I’m not quite cold enough to be layering the chunkier knits just yet.

Essential for fall, I want soft but not fuzzy texture. I want fabrics that don’t stick together and have a little bit of extra weight to them.

I keep having visions of picking up some thinner weight oversize sweaters. I found some at Amazon that look worth a try.

This one is very cute. I love LOVE layering a cami under a sweater. Pro tip if you are entering or have entered hot flash territory. This type of sweater is thin enough you won’t boil.

Note I think this might be Asian sizing so make sure if you order to read the reviews. Check any photos.

I’m also super into this top/dress thing. Picture it over some faux leather leggings. With maybe a cardigan or other sweaterish thing. Floaty and soft.

For cardigans I have several like this one. Shawl collar and a pixie hem AND it looks soft?

Sign me up.

In my fantasy life, Fall means lots of layers. Lots of mixing things like chiffon and knits, peeks of leather, some faux fur, silky things, all over a good soft tshirt type base layer. Very Strega. For me probably because I live in Seattle, I want to let my inner Fancy Goth out. Lots of layers of skirts, velvet, and of course fancy leggings and my trusty Doc Martens.

That is my dream life. In actual life I’m awful at layering. I might look cute, but tend to not layer the right fabrics together and wind up fidgeting with myself all day. A person can dream tho right?

I think if I can afford to really redo my wardrobe I will be better equipped to dress more to my own preference in Fall.

The other thing about texture in Fall for me is that Fall tends to give me more opportunity to dress a bit more masculine at times. Fall makes me feel more masculine in how I want to present but only my clothes. I want to wear oxfords and nicely cut cord pants. Think low key dapper, cords, sweatervests, I wish I was a tie person but I hate wearing them.

Once upon a time I had quite a collection of vintage and thrifted blazers for this purpose. One of my favorite outfits I’ve ever owned was some black bootcut trousers worn with a very fuzzy ratty black sweatervest and a burgundy velvet blazer. I wore it with my Docs and always felt like a handsome Goth Prince. I’d like to explore that more. We’ll see.

For my face, I like it as always creepy matte. Dead Matte. Dolly matte. During the actual season change, my skin goes bananas. My face gets greasier, my body gets drier and EVERYTHING is wild AF. I’m still rocking with my L’Oreal Pro matte but I’m back on the hunt for the perfect powder that isn’t my holy grail Mac Blot powder because that shit is expensive as hell.

For my face I want big vampy shiny lips. I’m kind of over a matte lip. I love the color selection of matte lippies but I want my mouth luscious.

I’m also getting back into more eyeshadows since I won’t be sweating them into creased up messes.

For my nails, I’m back to wanting em yeah you guessed it, long and dark and shiny.

I tend to wear my nails quite long since I’ve been with the dude. He’s a CIS dude so no need for short nails. I’ll do a whole post about my nails later on.

Okay, tomorrow I want to do a post about what I want this blog to be, talk about my fundraiser and how I’m teaching myself to write about fashion and beauty and stuff on my own terms.


Fall Aesthetics- Gender Fluid Goth Feelings

It is officially Fall in my brain. The weather is cooling down and is grey and drizzly.

That means, Fall Aesthetics are happening.

Per usual since I am protective styling my hair, I changed it. I’m rocking some evil mermaid locks right now and I’m super into it. I’ll have a whole post about it soon.


[image description: photo of the author. Brown skinned person with black and burgundy long wavy hair]

So that’s the hair aesthetic right now. A little Evil Femme Mermaid.

NOW the clothes.

Fall and cooler weather means I have to wear more pants and weather resistant stuff. Can we talk about what I’m craving?

My ultimate Fall looks are lots of vampy make up (messy smokey eye, big dark lips) very Goth Femme and I like cardigans and if I’m wearing pants I prefer skinny cut jeans (but not denim if I can help it), straight cut twill pants and of course leggings.

How about some links? Some are affiliate some not:

For some masc/butch footwear can we talk about black on black Timberlands? They are pricy but I believe they are worth it. When I was in my early 20s I had some classic ones that lasted for probably six years with a lot of heavy wear. Pro tip if you have smaller feet like me, try looking at Kids Footlocker for big kid sizes. You save some cash and have a few extra finish types to choose from. The other great thing about this style of boot is that if you get the adult sizes usually the mens sizes, they are steel cap which is great.

Also, if you can’t afford Timbs, check places like Payless or Kmart for similar styles. Usually you can find them in the work boot area.

Next tip about pants.

For reference about my body. In pants I am usually a 13-15 in Jrs. In grown lady pants depending on the cut and brand I’m anywhere from a 10-14. I have big ass hams and not a lot of booty. I also loathe pants. I wear them because I don’t like my ass or cooch being cold but I hate pants. Mainly because a lot of pants tend to not fit my hips/low waist at the same time. Or my high natural waist and my hips at the same time.

My advice about pants, especially for gender fluid folks.

Find a style of ass covering that makes you feel good about your booty. Doesn’t matter if they are dude pants, lady pants, leggings, jeggings, whatever.

Now for me, let me show y’all some of what is on my wishlist.

First up I am actually wearing these right now:

These are (that is an amazon affiliate link) Jr sizing low rise straight leg twill pants.

Pros: these fit my big hams small booty self very well. The rise is a bit low but not unbearable. They are inexpensive and last pretty well. Comfy (the material softens up very nicely) and I like them. They are very easily modded. They are very plain so you can add patches or trim or whatever floats your boat.

Cons: They do stretch kind of weird. You will eventually need a belt especially if you sit a lot.They are not the quality that the dude Dickie’s usually are. The material is thinner and they will not look as good for long.

They also do come in plus sizes.

Tips for buying: I have not found them in stores so if you’re unsure, order two sizes and return what doesn’t fit. Also if you have more booty in the pants regardless of size this cut probably won’t do you any good.

I’ve got half a mind to give this style a shot as well. I like that slightly wide leg fit. That sort of cut always makes me feel a little more boy. 


When I’m feeling a bit less masc but I don’t feel like wearing a dress I’m super into printed leggings this year.

Behold my new favorite leggings.


[image description: a photo of crossed legs. The leggings have small light colored print]

Those are my Bloodmilk Knock off Hamlet leggings.

Okay, yes I know I bought knock offs. I’m awful and whatnot.

Real talk though. I cannot spend on a good day (they are in Australia so the prices are in AUD) like 60$ on leggings that will probably not fit me because Bloodmilk notoriously does not serve fatties.So yeah nope. Fuck those people.

My secret for the four pairs of printed leggings I’ve picked up has been ebay. Search for your print and make sure you read any feedback and reviews. Keywords you want to pay attention to in the sizing details. American vs Asian sizing. Asian sizing is going to almost always run quite a bit smaller.

Some leggings hacks, especially printed leggings.

If they are a bit too see through in the butt or crotch wear tunic length tops. If they are just a bit too small or they don’t go all the way up to your crotch, get some tight fitting undies like mens briefs and wear em super hero style with a long top.

If the waistband elastic is too tight, break that shit. Basically stretch it until you hear or feel it pop then stretch it a bit more.

If you are more crafty, you can replace too small elastic with something else stretchy to give yourself more space in the waist without sacrificing your print.

Now let’s talk about some other subtle ways to get your gender feels on without having to buy more stuff.

For me personally when I’m feeling a bit more Masc Femme, I tend to wear different jewelry. Still pretty femme but it feels good to me to wear my chunkier jewelry when I feel more masc and my  more delicate jewelry when I feel more Feminine Femme.

I’m still exploring more ways of expressing my gender and talking about it in a way that fits the type of fluidity I feel.

What else are my Fall aesthetics? Some beauty stuff okay?


I’ve been wearing the HELL out of this J.Cat Beauty Lip paint stuff in Queen of Hearts. It is a tad bit messy and if you have any dry skin around your mouth this will be an issue. It is really full coverage and I find that playing with blotting can totally change how the product looks on your lips. Super worth it

I’m also super into Nyx lippies. Y’all they have a TON of finishes, colors, opacities etc to choose from and they are fairly inexpensive so you can get to experiment without busting the bank. Currently I’m super obsessed with the Butter Glosses. I think at last count I have six of them and I LOVE them. Pro tip: they are frequently on sale at drug stores and Ulta for great deals like I picked up some that were buy two Nyx products get one free.

I’m still on the hunt for a new coat to wear between now and actual cold weather. I am super picky and have a terrible wool allergy so that struggle is super real.

Next time, I’ll probably blog some about more gender feels, some new skin care stuff I’m playing with and my urge to Vlog.

Later taters.

Cranky Old Goth.

I know I’m always cranky, but bear with me, I’m a chubby ass Old Goth and I got beef.

Like many wise Old Goths I know better than to be mad when dark styles come back around again. The thing that makes it great is that a lot of stuff becomes accessible and affordable. A lot of us chunky ass Old Goths magically have more choices to stock up on.

So if you’ve seen there is a huge Witchy Occulty dark aesthetic happening all over and I’m here for it.

Now let me reminisce about some good old days, circa let’s say ’95 to, uh, let’s say 2005 or so.Back in the day as we Olds like to call it, we had a pretty good selection of Goth shit. Sturdy shit. Shit, I could pack my ass into between the sizes of let’s say 8-18.

It was a great fucking time.

Now cut to now, 2016.

Today I was doing some browsing and wow, damn if I didn’t have a flashback to being a baby size 14 fatty and only being able to look at purses and shoes with my friends.

One one hand FUCK YES give it ALL to me in Black and spooky but god damn.


I fell in absolute love with this dress from Dolls Kill.  I mean I fell ASS over tea kettle in love with it. I have a 20$ gift card for Dolls Kill in my purse and I was 99% sure I could order it next week with money from one of my side hustles.

But, because I’ve been a fatty for a long time and Alt clothing has turned from pretty stuff for ALL the booties to maybe if you’re pretty skinny and tall-I emailed.

I will say that their CS was very fast and polite. I do like how their stuff is worded. I feel like if I could be their customer, I’d I’d be their babe. That said that size range for pieces like that is reported as 0-8.




I will say that I’ve seen a good number of folks outside of that size range who would probably clamor to buy stuff in that style, or in lots of other styles carried in that shop (things that aren’t shoes or accessories) but..seriously?

Okay so….obviously I and folks like me and fat folks are not their customer. And really I knew it going in (looking at their models/aesthetics) but god damn it I really wanted that dress.

I decided to have another look around and frankly I’ve found two shops with the witch bitch occulty I don’t give a fuck aesthetic I love that even tries to cater to more than thin folks.

Have a looksy through this shop. It’s not exactly the same aesthetic but a fat bitch can get there at this store. Look through and look at their models. Look at the looks.

I’ve said it for years but honestly, really?

It is 20-motherfucking-16.

Can more indie flavored shops start helping a fat bitch out?

I want my ass in some hot witchy attire that isn’t necessarily Ren Faire worthy (not that I don’t love that I do but come on, I need variety), I want to stop with this “Alt” culture that is really only pretending to be an alternative.

I mean can we agree that it’s far more radical if that’s your schitck to at least TRY to serve more people than those who are a size 0-8?

One one hand, I do follow a lot of shops on Etsy etc that do some really great occulty/witch bitch style clothes. However, a lot of those are OOAK (one of a kind) or hand made to order and I do not have enough money to be buying all that kind of thing. I want to take advantage of stuff being around.

And yes, I know how to find knock offs from stores in Asia and will occasionally take the risk. I know that yes, I could find tshirts that are big and baggy but available in sizes outside of that 0-8 type but that’s not what I want.

I want skater dresses/skirts that are longer than bum covers. If I want a bum cover (A beef many of my fellow Old Goths has had with, ahem, Lip Service)  I’ll buy a bum cover.

I want the flexibility in a garment that might be baggy on a very thin person and might be less baggy on a not thin person.

And nope let’s not blame the manufacturers. Let’s not blame fat folks for not buying.

Fat people will buy if it is available. I will do some free ass market research right now.

If you go to any basic fatty store, you’ll see a lot of expensive poly office wear and tents and shit.

Now if fat folks (and others who are not thin) will pay for that, we’ll pay for stuff with a real aesthetic. Even an Alt one.

Think I’m joking?

Take a poll on social media and spread the word. Ask if you made stuff or sought things in sizes L-above and watch the raised hands

The secret is, you can’t be like a lot of retailers and shove anyone over a size 10 into some weird we don’t want you seen in our clothes corner.

You have to do the work.

You have to make sure that the community knows you’re there.

If you feature customers, try featuring some who don’t look exactly like your professional models.

Put in the work. Reap the rewards.

You can feel like FUCK YES we did something good.

FUCK YES look at our mothafuckin bottom line!

I mean, come on y’all.

Okay, that’s it for now. I’m going to go back to fucking Hot Topic and maybe pick out a new dress. Or maybe I will try to trade my Dolls Kill gift card for someplace more welcoming of me and my ass.

AND I invite y’all to drop some links to dark, witchy stores that don’t only stock Chic Starr bullshit and have some flair and welcome my xl size ass.

And no for real follow Shop Tunnel Vision as linked above. I like them a lot and I’ve got a few things from them that were gifts and are awesome. Give them some love.



The easiest way to ID my style is probably to say I’m an aging Goth.

99% of my clothes are black. I’m prone to a mix of what I call casual office Goth, a little Trad Goth, a pinch of whatever other shiny, ruffly nonsense catches my eye.

I love soft clothing, hate pants, hate rigid fabrics (unless it is leather or tightly laced) and I’m pretty poor.

So let’s talk about some of the clothes I’m excited about.

I’m not even a tiny bit ashamed to say I’ve been shopping Hot Topic lately. If you are an old fat Goth like me you’ll remember Torrid pre-pink. Goth shit galore.

HT has expanded their plus size selections by a lot. Like, I hadn’t even bothered to look in a couple of years and wow. I was so happy I wrote the CEO to thank them. If you are a fatty who likes ALT clothes, seriously write in.

I’ve picked up some super cute dresses and can say that the XL/1X in a lot of the stretchy dresses are pretty generously sized and very soft. My current favorite dress is this one.  I got it in a size L but even being a big boob size 12ish I could have probably even gotten a Medium. This is my favorite dress. It is super soft, super stretchy and looks really cute on.

Lately all I want are skater dresses and skirts. Some cute nerdy tees, chunky kinda ugly shoes and cardigans and leggings.

I am generally pretty Femme but I love leggings so I’m trying to incorporate more stuff I can layer so I can reduce the frequency I wear pants with.

I have also done a little bit of the lowest key cosplays in my regular walking around life because that is a thing I like dong.

This is what I wore when Uniballer (my partner) and I went to go see Star Wars. It is my low key vader look:


The faux leather OTK boots I grabbed from DebShops last fall. The faux leather leggings came from Hot Topic and are a size XL. I could probably have gotten a size L and been fine. They sag a bit in the butt. The longer top came from one of those Asian street style shops on Ebay. A size 3XL I think. The sleeves are too short so I paired it with a pixie hem cardigan I got at Goodwill.

Also, I’ve become quite a wig collector and that was my first real human hair unit. I’ll do a review on her some other time.

As you can see, a large part of my aesthetic is also dressing like a cartoon villain.

Eventually my goal in life aesthetcally speaking is as follows:

Evil Nazgul Alien Queen.

I’m working on it.

After I finish purging my wardrobe (I will probably be selling some stuff along the way I’ll let y’all know) I am going to need a lot of the following:

  • Faux leather leggings.
  • Layerable sheer/almost sheer cardigans
  • Plain tanks
  • Nerd fannish tees
  • Vintage/Vintage looking slips
  • Flatform/platform/chunky shoes
  • Other printed leggings

I also really still want to give some Lolita pieces a shot. I also want to try some Victorian inspired things and some more DIY. I have space in my apartment now to set up my sewing stuff and am thinking about getting on some of these Goth tutorials.

The other I get my issues with my body aside, the more fun Goth gets to be. As I give fewer fucks about what folks think about how I look, I have been exploring more things.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with DIYing some shoes and things. The problem with a lot of DIY that often goes unspoken is how much it costs in terms of time and supplies. That is something that really, uh, yeah, it causes me some anxiety so I’m going to try to start out slow.

Maybe some minor alterations on stuff I have.

Next post, we need to discuss my witchy oddity obsessed aesthetics and how I am decorating my place. Bit by bit.


Summer Obsessions- Clothes

I LOVE summer clothing. When it comes time to shed layers and get my furry hams out into the sun I’m about that life.

So can we talk about what a broke ass old chubby Goth is to do?

We’ll do straight size stuff then some plus size stuff.

Target is often on my shitlist but, BUT I do love their little dresses. Like this one. I’m pretty sure my titty would fall out because such is my luck, but I love this little dress. Being that it looks like it is supposed to be loose, I’d probably get it in an XL.

And then I saw this one. And I am a complete sucker for an uneven pixie hem. I feel like it might not be stretchy so I’d grab it in an XXL.

AND this gauze maxi is just, yes it calls my name.

As you can see I’m really about that flowy comfortable life. Also pro tip if you are a person who’s body or measurements fluctuates, these type shapes for femme clothes can be very forgiving in that regard.

I’m looking and I kinda hate Target’s plus size offerings. I don’t see (as per USUAL retailers) a lot of the same level of choice in terms of plain cute cheaper dresses. Let me step onto my soap box AGAIN.

So hi, retailers? If you would kindly stop with the limited plus size options and realize how much damn money you’d make if the choices of the lower end, basic type pieces that come in a couple of colors (including stuff like leggings, tanks, the type of dresses linked above) you would make the monies.

Thing is, the idea of offering a stretchy item like a tshirt material dress in sizes XS-say 5/6XL would increase your customer base. The offering of well priced items just works. I’m not talking every line instantly, but come on now. Fat people want choices that are easily accessible and varied just like thin folks do.

I am going to stop with the links here because I’m mad as shit.

I want to talk to folks who aren’t fat right now.

This is the type of shit that often drives fat folks to wailing and gnashing of teeth. Something as simple as say a stretchy cute knit dress. Nothing fancy, nothing super constructed. The kind of thing someone my size can roll into Target and walk about satisfied should be available.

Normally I often find a walk a mile in my shoes things to be shitty, but I really want folks who’ve never thought about it to do a thing next time they are at say target.

Head into the intimates area and find some cute panties that are for someone who is a size 24. Try to find a bra to match over a DD.

Go into the area where there are those plain stretchy tank tops. Look for something over a size XL/XXL.

If you aren’t a person who needs these sizes, try asking about them. Talk to people.

Okay, so here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to do a separate plus size list because I want to also give some other tips for poor fat folks including deathfat folks.

But I encourage some of y’all regardless of your size to do some searching on your own and figure out how hard this shit can be if you like clothes, have an aesthetic and are outside of the market sizing.

That said, for my go to basics I think Walmart has some of the best size selection going and of course the low prices. Also from what I hear Kmart has some good stuff as well.

I will report back and share with y’all some of my fat shopper tips for some slightly more expensive shops.

That’s it for now friends.