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Boots N Wishes

Hi y’all. The last two weeks of my life have been really awful. My partner is really sick and has been debilitated and unable to leave the house. We’ve been to the ER twice and then I got sick too. … Continue reading

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It is National Coming Out Day

Well hello. If you don’t know already, I am your friendly neighborhood Old Ass Queer Gender Fluid Femme. When I say Queer, I mean this. For a time in my life I identified as bi because I hadn’t heard anything … Continue reading

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Fall Textures.

Hello sweet thangs. Let’s talk texture and fall clothes. I’m a bit of a texture fanatic. I can be really picky about what fabrics to go next to my skin and I’m just learning what fabrics to layer. First up, … Continue reading

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Fall Aesthetics- Gender Fluid Goth Feelings

It is officially Fall in my brain. The weather is cooling down and is grey¬†and drizzly. That means, Fall Aesthetics are happening. Per usual since I am protective styling my hair, I changed it. I’m rocking some evil mermaid locks … Continue reading

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Gender Feels are Upon Me

If you didn’t know already, I am not a cis¬†person. Read about it here. I’ve been thinking about the gender indicators in my life/aesthetics. I have some more non-fiction in the works about this stuff, and that the best way … Continue reading

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