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Crockpot Lemon Garlic Chicken-Recipe time.

Below find a photo of the delicious chicken I made. Photo was taken a couple of hours before it was done. OKAY babes. I have fallen ass over teakettle with my crockpot. And I made a delicious and super simple … Continue reading

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Optimism among chaos.

Hello darlings. As the partner and I are settling into our new home I’m starting to have some optimism about an increase in our quality of lived life and by extension I’ve been thinking about things I want to do … Continue reading

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Oh the Chaos.

Oh my darlings. The move aftermath keeps on going. My life/home are still fairly chaotic and y’all, I ain’t with it. Given that I’m already a very anxious constantly freaked out person, trying to get my house in some order … Continue reading

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2018 Priorities and Shit

Holy shitballs it is 2018. I don’t do resolutions because I find the whole culture of that to be so shamey and gross. So instead let’s talk about priorities. So far, my number one priority in 2018 is getting the … Continue reading

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Life Makes Shit Hard

Hello frands. I’m currently ass deep in feels and stress so…stuff. I’m trying to find us a new place to live and it is so frustrating. If you’re new, I live in Seattle and the housing here is plentiful but … Continue reading

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Passion planner-Thoughts.

Hello darlings. Can we talk planners? Back in the day before smart phones I was a devout user of dollar store calenders and pocket journals like this. Small chubby notebooks like this were my jam (affiliate link back there). I … Continue reading

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Feelin Myself- Hair n Beauty updates

Oh hay y’all. As we are ending the trash fire that 2016 has been, I want to end on a few good notes. Including, stuff that I am super into beauty and hair wise. Hair first. I’ve been doing the … Continue reading

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Real Talk on my Mind.

It is coming to that time of year when I need to restock a bunch of stuff, such as but not limited to: Drawers for the household Socks for the household 1/2 pairs of pants. Not leggings but other pants. … Continue reading

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When Poor Kid Feels Do Me Right

These are from my Twitter stream yesterday- // I put these on storify¬†for easy reading. Lately, I’ve had a lot of financial anxiety. I can’t say that it’s reasonable levels of anxiety, but to be honest, this is pretty much … Continue reading

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The Shape of a Dream Life.

In a lot of the work I do on myself as a human, one of the questions I struggle with the most is picturing or visualizing what my dream life would be. Where in my dreams (not the huge, impossible … Continue reading

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