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Optimism among chaos.

Hello darlings. As the partner and I are settling into our new home I’m starting to have some optimism about an increase in our quality of lived life and by extension I’ve been thinking about things I want to do … Continue reading

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Struggle Bus Naturals Post- Curl pattern or nah?

Hello my fellow Struggle Bus Naturals. So hey…..hey boo. A few weeks ago yours truly had a wee bit of a hair meltdown. We all have them. Whether it is a setback an oops etc. My last one you can … Continue reading

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Skin Care updates.

Hello darlings. Let’s talk about skin care today and the state of my skin and whatnot. For reference. I am 40 will be turning 41 in March. Very VERY oily skin that is prone to: Peeling Rashes Dehydration Major hyperpigmentation … Continue reading

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Wardrobe and stretchiness.

This upcoming move has given me the nudge I needed to really get to work on redoing my wardrobe. As an aging Goth, while my heart yearns for the fanciest of frills and tight lacing and leather and whatnot, reality … Continue reading

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2017 for the Struggle Bus Natural.

About the last one for the year y’alls. I’m gonna look at hair stuff. SOoooo y’all. I had intended to make this big dramatic post, patting myself on the back and twerking in joy because I found a braid extension … Continue reading

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Sometimes Adulting Blows.

Hello loves. Also if you’ve clicked over please forgive how ugly this blog is right now. I rage quit wordpress pro and well…I haven’t fixed my shit yet. Y’all, 2017 has been kicking my ENTIRE ass. My partner is still … Continue reading

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The Smallest Indulgences

Hello loves. Today is fucking terrible so I’m gonna hit you with some cheap indulgences/mini reviews. Yes affiliate links are gonna be used. Don’t hate, appreciate. FIRST THING. I love a good wet shine gloss with or without shimmer. Some … Continue reading

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