Side Hustles

This is the page where you’ll find my referral links to things, side hustles and other ways to make a few extra pennies.

First Up Referral links:

Ebates! Ebates is my current #1 favorite low effort way to earn a little extra cash quarterly. Here’s how it works. You sign up and go on about your internet shopping. You can use a plug in for your browser that will tell you that where you’re shopping offers X% cash back. You can also use an app for your phone. It’s not the fastest but, you can get paid quarterly via Paypal AND if you refer friends you get entries into fabulous sweepstakes and extra $$.

Paribus. Paribus is another low impact easy to do thing. Essentially what it does after you sign up is it monitors your shopping at say Amazon and when there is a price drop on something you’ve purchased it sends Amazon an email asking for a refund. I’ve gotten all of mine. For every success they charge a small fee:

How much does it cost to use Paribus?

No success, no charge — you have nothing to lose. If Paribus succeeds in getting you money back, we get paid 25% of what we earn for you.

Next up, Patreon. I have been using Patreon for a while now to help keep my writing sustainable and to help ease a bit of my financial burden so I’m a bit less stressed. You can have a looksy right here. If you are a creator I highly suggest checking it out. It has really saved ALL my bacon more than once.

Check out my Teespring shop! I kind of love doing Teespring. Make a shirt or a sticker or hoodie and let it go. Come back often for new stuff!!

Get Paid to Click:

This is the stuff that if you have some spare time on the internet won’t get you big dollars, but minor amounts of cash or gift cards.

Bing rewards. Easiest of the easy. Do some searches on bing, do some of their activities and rack up gift cards for Xbox of my personal fave Amazon. Not a whole lot of effort, a nice little reward.

Swagbucks* Now I’ve done Swagbucks for a long, long time and the last few months it is just not great. If you have a lot of time to do surveys or don’t mind accumulating points slowly it might work out for you.