My Favorite things-Craft Edition

Here you’ll find links to stuff I love.

First, let’s start with my favorite yarns. I am a crocheter and have a wool allergy. I find it hard to find yarns that are arty, affordable and not wool. Here are some of my faves.

From the company Red Heart-

  • Boutique Unforgettable Yarn. This yarn is so beautiful and soft. The colorways are excellent and you get that beautiful painterly quality without the wool!! The feel of roving without the itch!
  • With Love Yarn. Large skeins, super soft and a huge collection of colors. I love this yarn it works up nice and cushy.
  • Soft yarn.  Another one that is silky soft and comes in a large variety of colors. Really lovely drape and the sheen they talk about is very pretty in person.
  • Sparkle Soft Yarn.  one of the few sparkly yarns I love where the sparkle isn’t scratchy and it’s quite affordable and easy to work with.
  • Light & Lofty Yarn. Big and fluffy. Super fun to work with and makes really soft blankies or scarves.

Next up Bernat Yarns-

  •  Alpaca Natural Blends Yarn.  OH em gee. now I do have a slight reaction to this yarn but nothing like if I used wool. that said, I will suffer itchy fingers to work with it. I love this yarn it’s so soft and luxe. The colors are also really lovely.
  • Softee Chunkee.  Another yarn that I turn to a lot. I have a ton of this and it’s so soft and squishy.
  • Softee Chunky Ombre.  The ombre of this line is also super pretty. Very painterly and great color combos.

Now some Caron Yarns-

  • Simply Soft Yarn.  Another super soft yarn that comes in a ton of colors, you can get these supersize skeins or smaller ones. I use it a lot.
  • One PoundNot a whole lot of color choice but y’all, it is a freaking pound of yarn. I love to have these on hand in basic colors.

Premier Yarns-

  • Aurora. Another gorgeous acrylic painterly beautiful yarn. Super soft hand and the stripes/patterns it produces are just lovely.
  • Mega Brushed Chunky Yarn.  I have a huge love of big fluffy yarn. This one is on the top of my list for soft chunky AND the colorways are astonishingly lovely.
  • Spice Shop Yarn. When I first saw this yarn I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but it’s very interesting to work with. The mix of cotton and acrylic gives it a nice texture and I really like the colors.

Other brands-

Other stuff:

My personal favorite place to get a lot of yarn for great prices is Herrschners. Sign up for their catalogs if you are a crafter. They have some EPIC sales and my stash is largely because of them. They even do yarn by the bag so if you spot something, you can pick up a bag of multiple skeins. Don’t blame me when your wallet cries.

If bulk buying is your jam, go check out Smileys. They have a minimum order of 50$ and that sounds like a lot, but you can seriously get an actual buttload of yarn. Yes buttload. They also tend to carry some great discontinued yarns and their prices start at .99.

For yarn and notions and tools, I like to keep my eye on DBNY. Their inventory changes out a lot, so you have to keep a sharp eye on them, but they have some stellar deals.

I also likle (but can’t always afford) the recycled sari yarn from Darn Good Yarns.

Random crocheting facts about me:

  1. I almost always use Boye hooks.
  2. I theoretically know how to do Tunisian crochet but I’m not good at it.
  3. I have an intense desire to try one of those HUGE crochet hooks.
  4. I am not great at pattern following and tend to go off book.
  5. I mostly love making shawls, lapghans and scarves.
  6. I am a little scared to sell my wares.

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