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Wardrobe and stretchiness.

This upcoming move has given me the nudge I needed to really get to work on redoing my wardrobe. As an aging Goth, while my heart yearns for the fanciest of frills and tight lacing and leather and whatnot, reality … Continue reading

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Old Goth is Old. Complaints from the Black Goth Department.

If you are of the opinion that Goth is a phase, please go read this. I’ll wait. Now, let’s talk about being an Old Black Goth. In my early 20s during my pre-Internet life there were certain things about my … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Style Feels.

In the past few months I’ve discovered (old news I know, but I AM OLD deal with it) Strega/Dark more¬†fashion. Thank you tumblr. One of the features of these styles I am in love with are a lot of the … Continue reading

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#bodygoals #beautygoals and thangs.

I’ve been daydreaming pretty heavily lately about my end game in terms of body modification. Oh wait, you didn’t think this would be about waist trainers or some shit did you? Nope. If I was going to do any waist … Continue reading

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House of Weirdos.

Content Warning this is the first and only one. There may likely be links in this post that you find creepy, disgusting, might give you nightmares. Continue this at your own peril. No, I’m not showing anything, uh, terrible. We’re … Continue reading

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The easiest way to ID my style is probably to say I’m an aging Goth. 99% of my clothes are black. I’m prone to a mix of what I call casual office Goth, a little Trad Goth, a pinch of … Continue reading

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