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Too Fat For Life. CN: Eating disorder mentions, weight loss, trauma.

First story time. Once upon a time yours truly was a (as I thought then) super fat fat fatty teenager who was in fact too fat to live. A large part of why I felt this way included: I was … Continue reading

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Gender Feels are Upon Me

If you didn’t know already, I am not a cis person. Read about it here. I’ve been thinking about the gender indicators in my life/aesthetics. I have some more non-fiction in the works about this stuff, and that the best way … Continue reading

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My Body Image is Broken

Content Warning: Body image, negative self talk, weight. Lately I have not been super nice to my body. My weight shifted slightly again and I’m very disappointed in myself and my ass. I don’t want to be losing weight at … Continue reading

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What has been seen…Oh Dani no. CN: rape culture, anti fatness, patriarchy

Many of you may have seen around the internets today that Playboy model Dani Mathers  “accidentally” publicly snapchatted a naked women (who was unaware she was being filmed or watched) with the charming caption: If I can’t unsee this you can’t … Continue reading

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Amusements and Hustles.

First amusements. When I got dressed this morning my main needs were comfy, somewhat warm and comfy. I am wearing leggings, a black cami and a big grey sweater and OTK black boots. Here is half my oufit: As I … Continue reading

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How to Write about Fat People

Lately on the facebooks and around the internet I’ve seen a trend I both love and hate. I’ve seen clickbaity stories where the big reveal is OMG this person is doing a thing AND HOLY FUCKING SHIT THEY ARE FAT. The … Continue reading

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Goodbye Fat Booty.

CW: Unintentional Weight Loss. Mourning the fatness. I have self identified bodily and personally as a fat person for a very long time.  For years I was a pretty comfortable size 16/18ish. Things with my body were going pretty well. … Continue reading

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