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#bodygoals #beautygoals and thangs.

I’ve been daydreaming pretty heavily lately about my end game in terms of body modification. Oh wait, you didn’t think this would be about waist trainers or some shit did you? Nope. If I was going to do any waist … Continue reading

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Fall Aesthetics- Gender Fluid Goth Feelings

It is officially Fall in my brain. The weather is cooling down and is grey¬†and drizzly. That means, Fall Aesthetics are happening. Per usual since I am protective styling my hair, I changed it. I’m rocking some evil mermaid locks … Continue reading

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Some More Brown Femme Goodness

I’m still kind of depressed about poor folks stuff so how about I do some quickie links/short reviews of beauty stuff? Yes. OH wait before I start, no your eyes are not deceiving you. I did a little redesigning today. … Continue reading

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Summer Brown Femme Goodness.

Okay I’m not super into revisiting my previous post. Instead let’s talk about stuff your own Femme SparkleQueen loves for summer. Now I know that matte lips are still super in but as much as I love them, I love … Continue reading

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