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Struggle Bus Naturals- CoWashing What?

Hello my fellow struggle bus naturals. Today let’s talk about cowashing. For those who don’t know cowashing is using a conditioning formula to cleanse your hair. There are a ton on the market and I’d like to talk about how I … Continue reading

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Some More Brown Femme Goodness

I’m still kind of depressed about poor folks stuff so how about I do some quickie links/short reviews of beauty stuff? Yes. OH wait before I start, no your eyes are not deceiving you. I did a little redesigning today. … Continue reading

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Summer Brown Femme Goodness.

Okay I’m not super into revisiting my previous post. Instead let’s talk about stuff your own Femme SparkleQueen loves for summer. Now I know that matte lips are still super in but as much as I love them, I love … Continue reading

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