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When Times are Tough…Fashion.

Hello from your most irregular Auntie folks. Yes I KNOW I said more posts but, life does things. So instead let’s talk fashion. I was talking to a Baby Bat I know and they were fairly astonished by my Gothable … Continue reading

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Quickie Reviews!

Let’s do some quickie reviews. Some affiliate links, ahoy. First up, some hair stuff: Creme Of Nature Strength & Shine Leave-in Conditioner: I picked this up sort of on emergency status. I had no leave in with some slip and … Continue reading

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Friday Day Dreams and Deals

It’s Friday. I’m deeply relieved. So let’s talk about some stuff I’m daydreaming about and whatnots. Usual rules, amazon links will be affiliate links, Ebates available links will be asterisked, y’all know. The first thing I am daydreaming about being … Continue reading

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Er it was my birthday yesterday. I’m officially 40 y’all. If you’d like to read a fbomb laden essay about how I feel about turning 40 click here. So let’s talk about some shit I don’t like. It appears my fave milky nude, sheer … Continue reading

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Stuff what I’m thinkin about.

My transition to a daytime worker person is still ongoing. Today for the first time in months I’m wearing a dress and regular (non fleece) tights. I feel very cute. What flavor of cute though? I’m not spending much money … Continue reading

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Passion planner-Thoughts.

Hello darlings. Can we talk planners? Back in the day before smart phones I was a devout user of dollar store calenders and pocket journals like this. Small chubby notebooks like this were my jam (affiliate link back there). I … Continue reading

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